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Zhang Gaoli stressed that the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy of   in the fourth session of Chinese venture capital industry summit; bigger and stronger the venture capital industry – Politics – people.com.cn Zhang Gaoli in fourth China venture capital industry summit emphasized in-depth implementation of stronger venture investment industry in October 14th, the strategy of innovation driven development and Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Zhang Gaoli, vice premier of the State Council in Beijing to attend the fourth session of China venture capital industry summit and delivered a speech. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Rao Aimin Xinhua news agency in Beijing in October 14, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the 14 in the fourth session held in Beijing China venture capital industry summit and delivered a speech. Zhang Gaoli said that the CPC Central Committee and State Council attach great importance to the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the comprehensive national strength competition is the competition of innovation, to further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, business innovation, market innovation, product innovation, business innovation, management innovation, and speed up the formation of economic system and mode of development with innovation as the main leading and supporting. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting to make important deployment of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, efforts to promote the development of the "double" requirements to a wider range, higher level, a deeper level, play a good cultivation of new energy, the upgrading of traditional energy, promote the important carrier of economic transformation and upgrading. Since this year, with all the policies and measures of the "double" air plant, vigorous development momentum is more obvious, for steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting employment was significantly increased. Zhang Gaoli stressed that the venture capital is an important measure in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, is to realize the effective combination of technology, capital, talent, management innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises financing methods, capital strength is important to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation. To further implement the innovation driven development strategy, bigger and stronger to do excellent venture capital, and make new contributions to the sustained and healthy economic development. To better use of venture capital to support the development of enterprises "incubator" role, efforts to promote the development of the new economy, foster new energy; to better play in promoting venture capital supply side structural reforms in the "booster" effect, efforts to increase support for the real economy force; to better play the role of venture investment to stimulate private the investment of the "catalyst", strive to promote the effective steady growth of investment. Zhang Gaoli requirements, accelerate the construction of a good institutional environment, market environment and the ecological environment, the formation of entrepreneurship, innovation + venture collaborative development pattern. To improve the policy support system to encourage the development of venture capital, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs can fully enjoy the convenience and benefits of the policy. To improve the institutional mechanisms to relax market access, in the industry management, registration and other aspects of the venture capital enterprises to implement differentiated regulatory policies. To adhere to the market orientation, to play a leading role in the state-owned enterprises and government funds to guide the limited venture capital into the most potential for development, the most representative of the future direction of development. To uphold the credit based, accelerate the construction of venture capital industry credit system for the development of venture capital to create good相关的主题文章:

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