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Here’s from John Milton Fogg, one of network marketing’s best known supporters and thinkers, about what we’re doing here with this blog. He wrote this to his followers and subscribers around the world, today. "Women: Do you make these mistakes in your network marketing business…? – You’ve been trying to do the business LIKE A MAN. – You’re running around offering the business opportunity to your prospects LIKE A MAN. – You tell people about all the technical and scientific features of your products LIKE A MAN. – You’ve been taught to push for the "appointment" and go for the "close" LIKE A MAN. – You’ve been trying to "recruit, recruit, recruit" LIKE A MAN. Want to start SUCCEEDING in your business LIKE A WOMAN…? Here’s How…. M-L-M FOR WOMEN ONLY. Per Kim Klaver. Network Marketing is 80 percent FEMALE! and, 85 percent of all the participants are Part-Time. Yet, 98 percent of all the training, techniques, tools and even the comp plans are geared to Full-Time, Men! Ready for a change…? Something YOU, as a Woman, can truly relate to… be Competent and Confident and Comfortable doing…? Then, do these two things (FOR YOU), please: Go to this website and read Kim Klaver’s Blog…" YOU ARE HERE. Hehehe He adds: "Kim is filling a CRYING NEED in this business. Struggling in Network Marketing IS a gender thing! If you’ve been making the mistakes that come from trying to do this business like 95+ percent of the leaders and trainers WHO ARE MEN have been teaching… it’s time FOR YOU to Do It Differently… M-L-M For Women Only. It’s about time!" Thanks, John!! Visit John Milton Fogg here John’s site: .www.greatestnetworkers.com/ *** "Kim: You may not want to hear this, but today I cried after the call. I had no idea that there was help to fix the problem of boy talk which I worked so very hard to develop and until today, thought I was never going to be able to get rid of." -RoseMarie C, Melaleuca After seeing this, my leads generator friend, Peter Mingils wrote in: "Most people would never think a conference call could have that deep of an impact." "People at the front of the stage have been selling this all wrong for too long…. and you’re opening up some eyes to better ways of doing it….this is breaking trends, and controversial, as belief systems are being challenged…"-Peter About the Author: Kim Klaver is Harvard & Stanford educated. Her 20 years experience in network marketing have resulted in a popular blog, .KimKlaverBlogs.com, a podcast, .YourGreatThing.com and a giant resource site, .BananaMarketing.com and now a new online community for MLMers .NetworkMarketingCentral.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Marketing By: Bobby Smith – OneDaySeo supplies month-to-month Search Engine Optimization bundles which bring about a substantial increase of sales, earnings, and cost efficiency for our clients. Even more than tha … By: Jake Winston – OneDaySeo provides regular monthly Search Engine Optimization plans which lead to a significant rise of online sales, profits, and expense effectiveness for our customers. Even more . … By: Charlie Hahn – OneDaySeo supplies month-to-month Search Engine Optimization packages which result in a substantial increase of online sales, success, and also expense effectiveness for our clients. Ev … By: Audrey L. Langley – If you’ve heard the phrase affiliate marketing in the past then you know the two exceptional industry called ClickBank and PayDot.. These two huge businesses have given top-qua … By: John T. Tate – The two leading firms in the industry, PayDot. and ClickBank might sound familiar to you, if you have heard the term "affiliate marketing. These two top corporations in the affili … By: William Begley – .municate Translation Service is professional translation provider .pany. We could translate Japanese, German, Chinese, French, Russian, to English And English to Tamil, Chinese, Ur … By: Sivaraj – In the modern technological world, frenzied-marketing through multitudes of on-line platforms has be.e the vogue that’s expected to fetch public attention quickly and inadvisably. Wel … By: Simonds Lee – Starting a new business? Want to explore business opportunities? Read on why consultancy services may be essential. By: Margaret White – OneDaySeo supplies regular monthly Search Engine Optimization packages which lead to a significant increase of sales, productivity, as well as expense performance for our customers. Eve … By: Bobby Smith – .municate Translation Service is an expert interpretation service .anization. We can interpret German, Japanese, French, Chinese, Russian, to English And English to Chinese, Urdu, T … 相关的主题文章:

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