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UnCategorized Winter-sports have heightened in popularity over the last decade, and as people begin to hit the ski slopes over the winter season, they could end up needing minor injury treatment. Adults and children can prevent injuries by being alert and realizing the limitations caused by snow, ice and cold weather. Winter seasonal injuries that resulted from activities such as snow skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snow shoveling, driving, and walking kept emergency departments and urgent care centers full last year. The top three types of injuries caused by these activities are fractures, concussions, and frostbite. More specifically, the following are the injuries most typically seen at urgent care centers during the winter season: oBroken wrists or fractured tailbones after slipping and falling on ice. oConcussions or traumatic brain injury during ice skating, or more commonly from skiing. oWrist and elbow injuries from snowboarding accidents. oSkier’s thumb as the result of a fall while ice-skating, skiing, and snowboarding. oAnkle fracture is the most common fracture that occurs with twisting injuries during winter months. oFractures and broken bones from "skitching," an activity where a person grabs a car bumper and slides on the soles of his or shoes. Many are also injured while being pulled by ropes on inner tubes or sleds. oFractures and concussions associated with sledding. oFrostbite from prolonged exposure to the cold weather. Frostbite is very serious, and victims need to be treated immediately. oBack and neck pain related to falls and snow shoveling. While common sense is the best defense against winter injuries, here are some other steps you can take to make your winter safer: oAlways wear a helmet while skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. oKeep in shape and condition muscles before the season activities start. oWarm up thoroughly before playing or participating. Cold muscles, tendons, and ligaments are vulnerable to injury. oCheck that equipment is working properly prior to use. oTake a lesson (or several) from a qualified instructor, especially in sports like skiing and snowboarding. Learning how to fall correctly and safely can reduce the risk of injury. oWear layers when it is cold and STAY INSIDE to avoid the two factors that contribute to frostbite: low wind chill and low temperatures. Convenient, walk-in care for Germantown, MD We all want the best for our families, especially when it comes to healthcare and preventive medicine. Medical access companies provide convenient walk-in care as an alternative to long waits in the emergency room. Their friendly staff will carefully and quickly assess your needs and provide the appropriate services, from preventive medicine to x-ray and lab services. Their facilities are fully staffed and equipped in order to meet the demands of their patients and their healthcare needs. Make medical access companies a part of your preparations for those little holiday emergencies from digestive problems to slips and falls. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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