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Will Robin Li be diagnosed with Baidu? Good evening everyone to say that young people are basically not keen on the Internet, and even a lot of time to obtain information, sources of knowledge are the internet. So now the students have their own judgment on the uneven information on the Internet? Recently, Stanford University has done a research on the students. According to the survey data show that in 7804 middle school students and universities, 82% of junior high school students can not see what is the content of the sponsor and the real news content. Ah, how to say it can not distinguish between junior high school students’ sponsorship and the real content of soft news, after all, have to see boast pertinent point ah. But the important thing is to have their own judgment and thinking, to develop the habit of independent thinking is very important, but do not understand can also ask ah ~ say we TeX every Thursday to be answering questions for everyone ~ ~ what is thrown ~ when it comes to ask questions we have to mention Baidu CEO Robin Li, in a forum of the ninth session of the global health promotion conference recently, host to Robin Li put forward a question: "when the body is not comfortable, will own Baidu self diagnosis?" Gentlemen, it was said that Taiwan is a laugh…… As for Robin Li’s answer is this: I rely on Baidu to check all kinds of problems. Physical discomfort, small things I will check the Internet, it is necessary to find a doctor when serious." It seems that Robin Li physical condition should be good, do not expect there need to use Baidu Search things ~ so it added back to the first question, to have their own judgment, do not easily believe that the most reliable online quack, or go directly to the formal hospital Oh ~ then we look at Tesla before the burst release solar roof ~ this week Tesla Motors just finished up on the solar company SolarCity acquisition mody. With Tesla also announced, the company has been in the island of Samoa on the island of ta’u overall deployment of a solar panel and a storage battery, the power needed to provide all residents living on the island. Elmar, a look at the company is rich ah, it is easy to contract an island ah ~ but the number of the island by the head count is 600 to the number of people, it should not be too big a project, right? Reckon this tau sunshine condition is good, can make full use of the solar panel ~ well, here we come to talk about the apple iOS system has recently been discovered in bug~ recently netizen exposure, if play a particular video in the Safari browser, iOS devices will lead to overload, and then slowly on your device cannot make the…… Let us look at the nature of the phenomenon, the nature of the fault is not a specific version of the iOS system is unique. Even playing the video in the iOS 5 operating system iPhone will cause the phone to freeze and not be used. Can be understood as…… This is a traditional bug…… Ah yes, there is still a solution on this bug, direct hard reboot phone just fine, long press the home key and power?相关的主题文章:

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