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UnCategorized When you are planning a vacation in the sunny and beautiful climate of Puerto Vallarta, you are always faced with the option of choosing between a hotel room in PV or Puerto Vallarta villa rentals. While the hotels are very good if you only want to spend a few days, the villas are the best places to have an extended stay. And when you are with your family, it makes sense to plan an exciting stay in the villas which afford many amenities which are missing in the hotels. Considering that the villas are only a small distance away whether you decide to .e by air, sea or road, they are the ideal locations for taking your family. Spacious The Puerto Vallarta rentals are certainly more spacious than the hotel rooms. You have the choice of availing larger villas to ac.modate your entire family. If there is a family reunion or a wedding, then the villas are the best places where you have space for everybody to join in the fun. Staying under one roof will also give the family members the maximum enjoyment and scope to take pleasure in each other’s .pany. There are ample bedrooms, living rooms, landscaped gardens, suites, water features and courtyards which can never be found in hotels. Cost-effective When you land in PV with your family, at first you are tempted to book into one of the hotels here. But if you analyze the prices, it will always turn out to be a better option to opt for the Puerto Vallarta villa rentals. Instead of booking for a number of rooms, you can make do with only one large-sized villa with all the modern amenities. The villas are quite affordable and give you a lot of space for a very less price. You can even rent a villa depending on your budget. Prices of the villas depend on the number of amenities that you want along with it. Luxuries Depending on your budget, you will get the best luxuries that you can afford. The facilities provided conform to international standards and include spacious bathrooms, luxurious Jacuzzis, swimming pools and sometimes even spas. The interiors are tastefully decorated with bedrooms overlooking the beaches. You will get a wonderful view of PV from the balconies. Life in the Puerto Vallarta rentals can be really enjoyable with your family. You can spend your time lazing out in the sun reading a book if you want to spend some time in peace. Privacy You can never get enough privacy in the hotels. With the swimming pools, spas and even the sports areas crowded with scores of people, you will find it difficult to have a peaceful moment with your own family. On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta villa rentals will give you the ultimate privacy and you can use all the amenities whenever you want and without having to share it with strangers. It is almost like living in your own home away from the prying eyes of the other tourists. With a peaceful and serene environment, the only sounds breaking the silence will be the playful sounds of your kids running around the villa. Parking Space You have your own parking space in the Puerto Vallarta rentals. When you drive down from the nearby US or Canada with your family, you certainly require a place to house your car. There is enough space in the villas for your car. You have the luxury of being able to keep your car within your view and using it when necessary. Since it is much more fun to walk and take a look at the wonders in PV, you will rarely need to take the car out. The villa will be a very safe place for your car. In fact, the villas are just the right places for a lovely vacation with your family. You will have the happiest moments which you will treasure for the rest of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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