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What do you need to pay attention to when you fill out a small program? From the registration of a small WeChat program, to the public release, you need to go through four processes: know the program in the previous article, has been a small WeChat program to share a quick registration tutorial. Concerned about the process of awareness (micro signal zxcx0101), reply to the registration, access to a small program quickly register WeChat tutorial. Today, we take a look at the second processes: in the process of improving the small program information, what matters. Do you have a small program? Complete certification is a prerequisite to improve the small program information. However, do not think that a small program through certification, WeChat will take the initiative to remind you. The truth is, after receiving a call from the WeChat certification authority, even if the small program successfully passed the certification, you leave the phone and the mailbox will not receive any information. Would like to know whether their own small program through certification, the best way is to log in from time to time to see the public platform WeChat. They are expected to be accepted within 2 working days, according to a text message from WeChat. In fact, our morning registration program received telephone certification, certified by the afternoon silently. After filling in the applet, you can begin to fill in the applet information. 1 small program name program name, English, and support Chinese digital plus, length of 3 – 20 characters. It is worth noting that the plus sign "+" only appears in the name of the end of the program, such as "knowledge" and "knowledge + +; program" and "+" this kind of awareness program naming is wrong. If you encounter a subscription number, service number "the name has been registered", then, give a name "WeChat program" that will make you more angry: if you don’t want to name, will use the plus sign "+". Tips, with the "+" cottage is not the name of the other people oh. Once the name is confirmed, it cannot be modified for the time being. As for when to be able to modify, it depends on how WeChat set. Therefore, the name also carefully. 2 small program avatar in the head to set this link, a small program with the subscription number, service number is the same. In addition, the program should not appear politically sensitive and pornographic content. Can be modified 5 times per month. 3 small procedures for the introduction of the word for 4 – 120 words, does not contain the relevant national laws and regulations prohibit the content on the line. Like the head, 5 times a month to modify the opportunity. 4 scope of service WeChat small program contains a total of 17 optional service range, each service area below the breakdown area. Each small program can choose up to 5 service areas. What services are supported by small programs? Know the program (micro signal zxcx0101) specially arranged a table for everyone to see: awareness of the program (micro signal zxcx0101), reply to the "service area" to obtain a small range of services.相关的主题文章:

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