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The University encourages students to set up mobile phone rest down mobile phone are devoted to the study of the original title: Chinese University Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Nandu news   push mobile phone rest; reporter Chen Xionghai recently, Chinese University Hong Kong (Shenzhen) launched the "mobile phone break" in the new semester, students are encouraged to put into the library in mobile phone. Xu Yangsheng, the president of the school, wrote the work in person to promote the practice. Xu Yangsheng said in the article, the modern mobile phone is too smart, resulting in the addictive phenomenon, mobile phone interference makes people unable to concentrate on, everyone’s energy is limited, according to media statistics, the average access time is 5 hours every day for domestic college students. "I asked more than 20 students, the statistical result is 4 hours, remove the time to use mobile phones for about half an hour, 3-4 hours a day addicted to mobile phone online games, watching Korean dramas, online shopping and so on. If the average effective time is 14 hours per day, college students spend about 14 times a day on mobile phones." According to reports, this year the school at the entrance to the library installed a number of lockers as a "mobile phone rest", remind the students down mobile phone, to concentrate on reading and learning, this is a voluntary service, encourage students to put in the mobile phone into the library, which can also be charged, when students want to get back to. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi 大学设置手机休息处 鼓励学生放下手机专心学习   原标题:香港中文大学(深圳)推手机休息处   南都讯 记者陈熊海 近日,香港中文大学(深圳)在新学期推出“手机休息处”,鼓励同学们在进入图书馆时把手机放进去。该校校长徐扬生院士亲自撰文推广该做法。   徐扬生在文章中表示,现代的手机太智能了,从而造成了人上瘾的现象,手机的干扰使人无法专心,每个人的精力都是有限的,据媒体统计,目前国内大学生每天平均上网时间是5小时。“我问了大概20多位同学,统计的结果是4小时,除去必须使用手机的时间大概半小时,每天3-4小时沉迷在手机的网络游戏、看韩剧、网购等等。如果每天平均有效时间是14小时算,大学生每天在手机上浪费的时间是1 4左右。”   据介绍,该校今年在图书馆入口处装了一批储物柜作为“手机休息处”,提醒同学们放下手机,专心阅读与学习,这是一项自愿的服务,鼓励同学们在进入图书馆时把手机放进去,里面还可以充电,学生何时想取回都可以。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章:

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