University Of Pheonix Online Is Nations Most Popular Inter.

UnCategorized Of all online universities, the University of Pheonix Online is arguably the best known. Established in 1989, the universitys enrollment has long since skyrocketed to some 180,000 students, making it the nations largest online university. Students can pursue an online bachelors and online masters degree in subject areas like technology, health care, business, education and the behavioral sciences. All of the degree programs offered by the University of Pheonix Online are true online degrees. Enrollees in bachelor and master degree programs .plete 100% of their degree requirements online. This online experience ranges from such basic activities as registration and the ordering of books to class-related activities like posting assignments, working with classmates on joint projects, and interacting and receiving feedback from instructors. Degree programs at the University of Pheonix Online are designed specifically for working professionals. As a result, its often possible to .plete a degree much more quickly than by attending a traditional brick-and-mortar university. Students taking online college classes one class at a time at the University of Pheonix are usually able to .plete up to 27 credits per year. On average, they .plete their online degree in just two to three years. Pre-enrollees are often concerned about the value of an online degree and here too, the news is good. The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning .mission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It was one of the first accredited universities to provide college degree programs over the Inter.. The University of Phoenix Online is now the nations leading online university. Because its online degree program is tailored to the educational needs of working professionals, the University of Pheonix works closely with industry leaders to ensure that its programs provide the skills and expertise in demand in todays economy. Because of this, employers see an online degree as a good investment in their own future. Not surprisingly, 59% of students at the University receive all or part of their tuition from their employer. And even in those cases where an employer wont spring for the cost of making you a better employee, there are still other financial options available, including federal grant and loan programs with low interest rates. Getting started at the University of Pheonix Online is just a mouse-click away. Because every student has unique needs, the Universitys experienced enrollment counselors work closely with new enrollees to simplify the back-to-school process. The links below will take you to an Information Request Form, where you can jumpstart your online learning experience. Dont wait, start at the University of Pheonix Online today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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