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Turn over "all know WeChat apps" on quiz, we organize the most concern topics – Sohu of science and technology in September 21st, WeChat officially applied to "WeChat public platform · the name of a small program" issued. Small program came out, the existence of these questions: App and service number will not disappear; whether it will subvert the App Store; Android, iOS engineers to be laid off? Why not let Apple called "application number"; small program how profitable; small companies can enjoy the flow bonus? What kind of product is suitable for access to small programs; HTML 5 small program experience is not as good as the original App? To this end, Lei Feng learned from almost on the screening of senior people on WeChat small program view. A small program will replace the App: pan Xin: I don’t think that between WeChat and App application is two. The relationship between either this or that. For the vast majority of enterprises, it is necessary to grasp both hands hard. Relatively scarce resources are more suitable for start-up companies from low-cost WeChat application will cut more quickly. Sorry to see all the critics one-sided excitedly WeChat Acura applet subversion App Store, and the subversion of the subversion, subversion of the whole world together. I deeply doubt that the vast majority of you certainly did not run a business, I also deeply doubt whether Zhang Xiaolong has the same as you, a small program big dream". QQ has also explored a similar pattern of Widget or even QQ desktop, from the results are not very successful. Compared to that year, I am certainly more optimistic about the prospects of WeChat small program. But talk about subversion, it is still too early. The relationship between the applet and the service number; will it be open to the individual? Laurence: service number can be converted to the application number? This can make nothing of it, but I believe there are a large number of service number is to change for the application number, functional properties of some service number is far greater than the media properties, such as hardware connection services, Jingdong shopping service number, drops travel service number, if these services, subject to the development of small programs it is frustrating, the function between the service number and small program will have overlap, waste of resources, also take the user’s resources, so my guess is the certification service number can be transferred to a small program (upgrade). Before the subscription number is to "upgrade" for the service number, if that is possible, WeChat may also be given the choice of whether to "upgrade"; because from getting news, WeChat’s attitude is a subscription number, service number, enterprise, small procedures are four forms of collateral, so the service No. continue to exist there must be its service number, but how to upgrade such migration can make nothing of it, fans? A small program can be opened with APP, but did not open up and open service number, service number and in fact there is no problem, but WeChat did not mention this, guess the service number can be upgraded small program. But do not support the small program and App direct jump. Can do all the.相关的主题文章:

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