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To reduce the threshold and finishing the residence permit to find in Shenzhen port via the outsiders want to sign up to learn to drive it? You have to meet any of the following conditions: first, there is a residence permit in Shenzhen two, no residence permit, but you have to register your residence landlord, and more than six months! Have to say, Shenzhen residence permit for a system, those who want to limit the driver’s license test in Shenzhen but because the residence permit problems but do not people learn to drive, they had to sign up to foreign car class: Hunan, Huizhou, Heyuan class class class, Jiang Xiban and so on. However, the good news came, wanting to learn and do not meet the above conditions of friends, can finally say goodbye to worry! The new policy, do not wait to sign up to learn to drive a residence permit, they do not register for six months. As long as the full-time college degree and senior workers above grade to directly handle the residence permit and endorsements, then you can immediately apply for a driver’s license in Shenzhen! However, everything has two sides. The new residence in Shenzhen after the implementation of the policy, the number of driving licences will jump, we must understand the current driving situation, first, to avoid congestion when the car driving test. Port master plan to learn to drive driving to a friend, prepare six suggestions: two point one driving training quality is good, the students can ensure the peace of mind to learn to drive, to finish the training tasks; two coaches with high level of teaching is not high, there are no hidden fees halfway. Don’t jump into the trap of cheap cheap. The process of car weight three point one to seriously practice, the coaches pay attention to listening, watching, thinking, mastery; two to actively learn, do not know to ask, in accordance with the provisions of the time to learn to practice car, coach said; three to correct attitude, strive to honour the teacher and respect his teaching as the most important, don’t complain. Students themselves have a point is to adjust the mentality of good. Sign up to learn to drive driving test is not a task, but they have to master the skills, so we have to set the mentality, do not be too anxious to avoid the bad effect of car. Don’t be nervous in the exam! Finally the driving port thought is: not to take the driver’s license for any car to car practice are on their own irresponsible. To learn, it is wise to! A driver’s license in hand security overflowing with wood?! What are the price reform, and you never mind, will be more and more strict policy restrict driving test. So, want to sign up to learn to drive license friends to catch the last bus before the price rises, after completing a residence permit to Hong Kong via the driving school!相关的主题文章:

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