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The radicals of local public budgets and final accounts to violate the "red line" was named by the Ministry of Finance 8 announced special inspection results on the local public budgets of the situation, as of the end of October 2015, there are more than 36 thousand local budget units are not many public sector budget in 2015, due to failing public sector budget report was criticized. This examination involves three levels of more than 250 thousand provinces county budget units, is a special action, the Ministry of Finance for the first time in the local public budgets of the situation, since the implementation of the new budget law reflects China to promote the financial information disclosure of the progress and shortcomings, it is very important for the further serious financial discipline, deepening financial reform. Local budget and final accounts still exist three major problems in early 2015, the implementation of the new budget law for the first time to the public budget and final accounts to the law, and to make specific provisions of public behavior, once the violation will be the pursuit of administrative responsibility. By the end of, the Ministry of Finance for the first time in the country organized a special inspection of the local budget and final accounts in 2014 on the disclosure of the situation, involving 258296 provinces and cities in the county budget units of three units of the 2015. Judging from the results of the notification, since the implementation of the new budget law, the local budget and final accounts continued to deepen. As of the end of inspection, the provincial and municipal levels of government budget and final public rate reached 100%; the county government budget rate reached 100%, the public accounts reached 99%; the public sector budget and final accounts increased. But the Ministry of Finance official said, the inspection found that there are still some bottlenecks can not be ignored, the outstanding performance of the three major issues: the Department before the final accounts to be strengthened. As of October 31, 2015, there are 36638 units in the country did not disclose the department budget in 2015, the 56481 units were not disclosed in the sector accounts in 2014, accounting for 14.48% and 22.27%, respectively. – the integrity of the content and the degree of refinement to be raised. 17 provincial governments (including municipalities), the 159 municipal governments did not explain the 2015 tax return and transfer payments to the regional budget summary. 11 provincial governments and 138 municipal government did not disclose the 2014 debt situation. 1601 provincial departments, 16934 municipal departments, 91778 county departments did not disclose the number of domestic official reception, the number of. – the basic content of the budget and final accounts and social attention is not matching. Grassroots public concern about the livelihood of the people and other vital interests of the financial benefits of the situation, there is a certain degree of dislocation with the current content of the basic budget and final accounts open, grassroots public concern about the budget and final accounts. Many do not know the place to touch the "red line" was named in the examination, the Ministry of finance also found that individual local public budgets and work seriously enough, not part of the budget units according to the provisions of the public sector budget report, the budget law violated the "red line": the Fujian Provincial Archives Bureau and the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial radio and television group etc. 38 provincial budget units without the public sector budget in 2015 and 2014 accounts department; Shandong provincial Party school, the provincial government office and other 23 provincial budget units open 2015.相关的主题文章:

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