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The children – Beijing Shanghai Medical Center [Xinmin Evening News within a week from 4 cases of ingestion of paraquat poisoning? Xinmin] "just a week or so, we have treated 4 cases for various reasons by paraquat poisoning in children. So terrible!" Director of critical care medicine, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center Wang Ying today said, parents should pay close attention to children due to serious injury caused by accidental. Lee, who lives in Pudong, Nanhui (a pseudonym) a week after eating a meal appeared in varying degrees of gastrointestinal reaction, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. Began to think that just eat is not clean, then found the home garden vegetables suddenly die, Mr. Lee did not think things a bit strange. Once again, it was discovered that the next door neighbor to his field spraying paraquat, some paraquat blew into the courtyard of their own vegetables on the wind! Although they have a pick their own fields of vegetables, but also there are symptoms of poisoning the whole family, old and young. "Danger" is more than this. Mr. Wang from Anhui (a pseudonym) home, the two siblings also suffered the same misfortune. Is also home to the spraying of liquid sprays to their own planted tomatoes, the children picked tomatoes after eating symptoms. The same is from Anhui, Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym), it is equipped with paraquat. Because there is no safe place, only let the two-year-old son play in his hand. Not sensible son to open the bottle cap, paraquat spilled on the skin, the child actually lick a mouthful! The parents found be frightened and change color, will be immediately sent to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for treatment of son. About a week to consecutive 4 patients with paraquat poisoning, doctors let everyone’s heart thump. "Fortunately, the children swallowed is diluted paraquat drops, and the amount is not much. Otherwise, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Deputy director of the Department of critical care medicine, deputy director of the recall, are very scary. Any doctor remembered a boy with his parents at the age of more than and 10 years ago, under the impulse of a drink paraquat. "The boy was himself into the hospital, looks normal, but the blink of an eye, his renal failure very quickly, pulmonary fibrosis, eventually suffocated." According to reports, paraquat is extremely toxic to humans, can be absorbed through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract. Absorbed in two hours with the distribution of blood to the body’s organs, the content of the lungs is very high. Paraquat in vivo degradation after the absorption of light is very few, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms; weight can cause systemic damage, especially lung injury and renal function, can cause pulmonary congestion, hemorrhage, edema, ultimately irreversible pulmonary fibrosis, leading to suffocation. After ingestion, no specific antidote 100 bacillus, poisoning mortality. 4 children have been stable discharge, of which two people still need to observe at home, and regularly to the hospital Fu Hao. Experts warned that the ingestion is common in children with accidental injury. Especially some parents in order to save, drink bottled toxic liquid, and does not mark, not for safekeeping, cause the child disability and even death cases caused by ingestion is not uncommon. Therefore, parents must strictly manage the storage of toxic and harmful substances in the home相关的主题文章:

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