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The Milky Way Futures: new cotton quality enjoys a price expectations clients view the latest market and industry market in August with a review of recent domestic market data eye-catching, is M1 and M2 growth of the "price scissors" continues to expand, has reached a historical difference of 15.2 percentage points high. At the end of 7, broad money (M2) grew 10.2%, the growth rate late last month and last year low 1.6 and 3.1 percentage points; narrow money (M1) balance of 44 trillion and 290 billion yuan, an increase of 25.4%, the growth rate than last month and last year high 0.8 and 18.8 percentage points. "Price scissors" expand, an important reason is the real estate sales unpopular with residents of leverage, transfer a lot of money from the residents to deposit deposits of enterprises, financial expenditure increase is abundant in enterprise deposits, assets shortage and deposit attraction decline, real estate and related enterprises to large scale funds in the current deposit account on. M1 rise is not effectively transmitted to the real economy, which means that China’s real economy downward pressure is still large. From the data point of view, in July the national CPI rose 1.8%, or down by 0.1 percentage points last month. June, the country’s industrial producer prices fell 0.2%, down by 1.7%. July China’s total import and export value of $317 billion 158 million, down 7.9%, of which the total export value of $184 billion 733 million, down by $4.4%, imports $132 billion 425 million, down by 12.5%. Domestic cotton supply, cotton reserves put to extend the period of one month to the end of September, Xinjiang new flowers listed in advance, the gap does not appear on the basic supply of cotton. The new year in Xinjiang and the mainland cotton acreage decreased, but due to high yield in Xinjiang this year, the total output will increase, but the mainland not only reduced acreage, but also suffered a flood disaster, the yield will be significantly reduced, but the next year in March to cast storage, because from the current situation, the cotton does not appear in the short term a wide range of domestic shortage, Zheng cotton prices and spot prices fell. Demand, textile and garment export situation is still poor, with the cotton prices fell, the price of cotton and cotton yarn imports followed by a sharp decline. The international market, the United States cotton acreage rose, and the current weather is conducive to the growth of cotton, cotton futures prices fell, spot prices also fell. India recent weather also conducive to the growth of cotton, cotton prices fell in India. Table 12016 years ago at home and abroad in August two, cotton raw material price changes in Xinjiang flowers yield high, the listing period is expected early in July 2016, Chinese cotton farmers cooperative association branch and farmers professional cooperatives cotton padded jacket, respectively on the mainland 13 provinces and the Xinjiang autonomous region of the 2751 households conducted a survey in 2016 the growth of cotton seedlings. The results show that in July, most of the cotton in the flowering period, the overall incidence of plant diseases and insect pests light. In Xinjiang, the weather conditions are stable, is expected to yield increase compared to last year; too much rain in the mainland.相关的主题文章:

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