The man from the 20 floor fall downstairs parking driver killed (Figure)

The man from the 20 floor fall downstairs parking driver killed (Figure) original title: Zhengzhou a man falling from a building downstairs parking driver killed today (September 19th) morning at 10 Dongfeng Road, Zhongzhou Avenue is very international, a man falling from the 20 floor, hit a car downstairs. The car driver was knocked unconscious, after medical rescue invalid death. Man falls is still in the hospital, the specific circumstances in further verification. (Dahe Dahe, client reporter Wang Yuesheng) according to the Zhengzhou evening news client: September 19th at 10 in the morning, Mr. Huang said the public call 96678, Dongfeng Road, Zhongzhou Avenue is international roof construction personnel has just dropped down from the upstairs, hit a car, the car driver was also killed, police and emergency the car has been to the scene. At 10:50 in the morning, Zheng reported financial media reporters on the scene saw a hand Lajiao frame van roof concave body, cab serious extrusion. The car a few 120 emergency personnel are first aid for a man, is injured around the families cry to cry. From the staff of the hospital emergency personnel said, the injured man was the driver of the van, when people from jumping off the building hit the vehicle, causing the driver of the van of cervical fracture, after one hour rescue but powerless. Mr. Zhou said the deceased friend, the deceased surnamed sun, Puyang people, more than and 40 years old, the car just stopped downstairs, hands still holding the handbrake on the accident. Currently, the man has been taken to hospital for treatment. Some say the site is man jumping from top, also said to be 25 fall. A person is also called the construction Dutch act, improper operation falls. At present, the police are investigating the accident. The latest news from the provincial staff hospital emergency department staff said the man jumped into the ICU has been first aid. Zhengzhou a man falling from a building on the downstairs parking driver editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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