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Taiping Island, the Taiwan authorities play what abacus (note – Taiwan channel stands) – 100 days depending on people.com.cn. DPP authorities took office nearly a hundred days, but the polls have been diving, Cai Yingwen support for the first time fell below 50%, a variety of forward-looking analysis followed. Some people think of "former" Chen Shuibian, warned Cai Yingwen not to repeat, with the transfer of internal contradictions and the focus of foreign aggression. Pernicious. After Chen Shuibian’s "son of Taiwan" aura eclipsed corruption, borrow, he began the Dutch act type "Taiwan independence" charge, referendum, "admission", "frozen series, even uncle Sam’s eyes do not see, angry George W. Bush swear. Now, Cai Yingwen was elected the aura faded faster, how will she hold around? Her biggest move was to get her "interior minister" on the Pacific island! In addition to Chen Shuibian’s surprise, props, but also more than a peaceful island in the hands of Cai Yingwen. The so-called South China Sea arbitration award will be peaceful island as a reef, the whole Taiwan anger! Pingtung fishermen to Taiping Island declared patrimony at their own expense, more than seven adults for their newly elected Cai Yingwen act, but the "listen" Cai Yingwen ignored, under the leadership of the administrative department to support fishermen open penalty, such as retroaction. When a new poll, Cai Yingwen’s officials landed on the island, we can see that its intentions to quell discontent. But the bottom, do not embrace. First, the DPP pro american friends, waist straight up, let the officials play for generation of non military officials played, not "Sea Patrol", but "internal affairs", the United States and Japan to explain; second, officials on the island, only to the "Nansha hospital" nail a sign, looked at the climate observation facilities, not a protected island that runs a rounders only; third, officials that Cai Yingwen island on the South China Sea arbitration "cut", Cai Yingwen for the future mobile Taiping island this piece sounded the opening gong. Look back at Cai Yingwen’s cut, is a startling step by step, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance. Cut five points, one is to defend the right of fishing, the three is "the multilateral consultation, inviting international scholars to the Pacific island of transnational ecology, geology, earthquake, meteorology and other scientific research", four as "the Taiping island is the humanitarian center and transport base" to encourage the study of the law of the sea, five talents. Remove the cap and boots, the middle three have emphasized the Taiping island "international", "multilateral" all has nothing to do with the interests of the South China Sea countries; and "humanitarian" and "supply base" of the object is self-evident, according to the current situation of cross-strait relations, Taiping island will not become the people’s Liberation Army ". Fill the base, and a military base and invasion are often from" rescue "and" transport "start. As the largest island in the South China Sea, the Pacific Islands and the South China Sea interests of the game, as long as the Democratic Progressive Party DPP resort to make a gesture, it will stir up the storm, so the intention can not be avoided. The polls diving, the DPP authorities do not think of rational reflection, but for the future provocations planted a lot of foreshadowing. What do they want to do? (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章:

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