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Strategy! Car prices how to compete for the Olympic star endorsement? Sohu automobile Rio Olympic Games on Monday this dust settles. The Chinese delegation of the Olympic Games, the emergence of a "mud rock flow", the audience’s attention from the gold medal list turned to a fresh athlete. The mainstream and social media attention from Fu Yuanhui "There was no parallel in history. expression package," popular network, "Yu Sheng both He Shengliang" century "Lin Li wars", then to "news broadcast" rare 7 minutes reported Chinese women volleyball team. In just half a month time, the topic into a sense called the phenomenon, the rapid shaping of a number of national idol become all car dealer brand endorsement for hot. So in the end which Olympic stars in the hearts of the owners of the highest popularity? They are suitable for the endorsement of the models? Autocarweekly hand in hand Hui longitudinal surplus, the first time in its 19 airports, high-speed rail station Wi-Fi official survey of 38, seize the opportunity to find the most suitable spokesperson. The investigation of a total of 2037 valid questionnaires were collected, including the owner of the car, which accounted for 60% of the male car owners, women accounted for more than 40% of the total number of women in the survey, the proportion of the total number of women in the study was more than 1329. Olympic Star popularity ranking TOP5 are: Chinese women’s volleyball team, Fu Yuanhui, Lin Dan, and the president of the United States and the United States and China, respectively, and the. China women’s volleyball team with 48.8% of the high vote way ahead, China swimming team "debris flow" Fu ye and Sun Yang were second and fifth, the badminton team Lin Dan and table tennis team of new Wanghong Zhang Jike occupied third and fourth of the seats. So the top five Olympic Games, respectively, for which type of endorsement? From the perspective of gender and age, love China women’s volleyball team owner by the male, the average age is too large, reached the age of 35, for the endorsement of mature and stable heavy vehicles such as Mercedes Benz E series; and love the owner of Zhang Jike, dominated by women, the average age is too small, only 26 years old, young female models suitable to speak for example, Audi, sport etc.. See from further insight can be: luxury car owners the most love of Fu Yuanhui and Sun Yang, in the high-end car owners the most love Chinese women, cheap car owners the most love Zhang Jike, love Lin Dan car is relatively average. Conclusion: from the above analysis we can see that, for the Olympic star endorsement, each brand will have a clear goal: luxury car brand can be the main "full of positive energy" swim team China and team sponsorship, or select the Lin Dan brand story package; the high-end car can be the main "struggle" China women’s volleyball team and the team’s sponsorship; low end car, especially the key models for young women, should choose Zhang Jike as endorsements.相关的主题文章:

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