Sixty couple to court the court sentenced her husband monthly pay 400 yuan alimony – Beijing

Sixty couple to court the court sentenced her husband monthly pay 400 yuan alimony – Beijing         the court ordered the husband to his wife to pay 400 yuan monthly alimony         Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Zhang Xiangyu Liu Yuexiang) after several years of an old married couple separated life, her husband to the sick wife to pay for living expenses and medical expenses. In May 2015, his wife Yizhisuzhuangjiang husband to court, requiring the support obligation. Recently, the city intermediate people’s court informed the maintenance of the dispute from the final judgment.       Kwak (female, born in 1957) and Lin (male, born in 1949) in 9 on the introduction of the people of the year in 2004, in the same year in September 16th registered marriage, the two sides did not have children after marriage. Lin from the time of marriage until December 2014, each month to pay the living expenses and medical expenses of 1100 yuan ~1600 yuan. A forest since January 2015 to pay the cost of Guo, Guo made in May 11, 2015 to the first court.         March 2015, Lin couples emotional breakdown in the grounds taken to court for divorce, instance, did not get a court support.         to fulfill the obligation of husband wife in         Guo said that since 2012, now retired, their pensions, son alimony and Red Cross relief funds to maintain life. Because the symptoms of diabetes are more and more serious, the above costs can not meet the needs of treatment. To this end, Guo Mouji needs the support of Lin. Request the court to order the Lin Guo every month to pay alimony 2000 yuan.         Lin said that Guo has a son and a daughter, two children have the ability to support.         another identified, Kwak a monthly pension fund in Zhongshan City Social Security Bureau 941.58 yuan, Lin monthly pension fund in Zhongshan city social insurance authority to receive $1390.59. Lin received a dividend of about 2000 yuan per year from the village collective organizations.         Lin in December 2014 before the operation to sell fish for a business, since January 2015 to stop the business, non operating income, since it did not pay the fees to kwak.         the court held that Mr. Kwak and Lin Department of legal relationship, the two sides mutual obligation. Guo is in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance of a condition, Lin has a pension and village collective dividends, there is a certain ability to support, respond to Guo to make the maintenance obligations. About the amount of alimony, the actual situation of the court, the discretion of Lin according to standard of 400 yuan per month to pay alimony. &.相关的主题文章:

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