Sichuan 8 Enterprises above designated size is environmental warning 2 bad (video) xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The 2015 annual corporate environmental credit evaluation seminar in Sichuan province Sichuan 8 above scale enterprises are "environmental warning" 2 "bad" this year, state-controlled enterprises and enterprises of all hazardous waste disposal to carry out environmental credit evaluation held in the days before, the provincial Environmental Protection Agency announced on the 11 city (state) of the 268 enterprises in 2015 environmental credit evaluation results, about 85% of the participating companies were rated as good corporate environmental integrity enterprises and environmental protection; 38 environmental warning enterprises in 8 above scale enterprises, 2 enterprises were rated as adverse environmental enterprises. In 2016, the province will carry out environmental credit evaluation of 835 enterprises, the province’s 545 state-controlled enterprises and 23 enterprises all included in hazardous waste disposal. Sichuan Tuopai willing to wine Limited by Share Ltd, Chengdu eighth sewage treatment plant and other 37 enterprises were rated as the environmental integrity of the enterprise, accounting for 13.8% of Sichuan province; Meishan (micro-blog) Fenghua Paper Co., Ltd. and other 190 companies were rated as good environmental protection enterprises, accounting for 71.2%; Suining (micro-blog) Jinli Textile Co., Ltd. and other 38 companies are as the environmental warning enterprises, accounting for 14.2%; Dazhou (micro-blog), Qujiang Casting Co. Ltd. and Zigong (micro-blog) Zhangjiaba chlor alkali chemical industry limited liability company was named adverse environmental enterprises, accounting for 0.8%. 1 in the state of production is not evaluated. 38 environmental warning enterprises, Sichuan Guang’an power generation limited liability company (micro-blog), Mingda glass (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Sichuan Jiuda Salt Co., Ltd. Zigong branch, Sichuan Huaying India Cements Limited, Dazhou city southwest Jin Yuan electrochemical company 8 annual revenues of 20 million yuan of above scale enterprises. Sichuan Guang’an Power Generation Co. Ltd. on behalf of lessons learned at the meeting said, because of the environmental management process did not keep up, can provide comprehensive and accurate data to prove that the company strictly enforce the environmental laws and regulations, resulting in unnecessary points. Evaluation results should seek truth from facts." According to reports, compared with evaluation results during the publicity, officially announced the list of environmental protection, warning enterprises to reduce several, the reason is that some enterprises put forward defence on the part of the entry points, after verification by the provincial Environmental Protection Office approved. For example, quarterly supervision monitoring report of individual enterprises due to their own do not provide full points, be publicity for environmental protection enterprises after the warning, immediately caused by enterprises, to provide supplementary after reduced points. Some enterprises and points by the masses, enterprises make part of the report is not true, after investigation and verification approved by the provincial environmental protection office. Some companies be penalized for failing to achieve emission permits, business license is in the environmental protection department said the review process, but also reduce the penalty after verification. At present, the province has established a multi sectoral sharing of corporate environmental credit rating platform. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, said the participants, through the sharing of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, environmental protection and other credit information, the company will implement trustworthy incentives, dishonesty disciplinary measures to promote the development of green Sichuan. Provincial banking regulatory bureau, the people’s Bank of China Chengdu branch of the participants also said that financial institutions in the loan can be integrated corporate environmental credit, considering the size and duration of lending. Environmental protection enterprises and environmental protection companies have been rated as poor, there are still relief channels. Take the initiative to improve the ring to do相关的主题文章:

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