Shell concept = backdoor listing No! These 36 stocks are expected to turnaround

Shell concept = backdoor listing? NO! These 36 stocks are expected to turnaround a known history of the most stringent "backdoor" Regulations "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach" was officially released last week. However, the "shell" of the concept of value and more than the backdoor listing, the relevant listed company through the efforts of management, asset restructuring and other ways to improve profitability, and to realize the Wuji become the Phoenix, the process of excess returns are also worthy of attention. Therefore, part of the shell concept stocks may not be affected by the restructuring of the new regulations, especially those expected to achieve high performance in the future is expected to achieve the so-called shell concept stocks. According to statistics data of treasure, excluding the suspension of shares, in line with the concept of "shell" (2014 and 2015 earnings per share earnings per share was less than 0.2 yuan, the latest market value of less than 10 billion yuan) stocks, forecast 2016 earnings per share 36 shares of institutions and more than 0.2 yuan per share earnings year-on-year growth in 2016, 2017, 2018 at the same time more than 30%, calculated in accordance with the Agency predicted 2017 earnings per share earnings ratio below 50 times. Figure in the next three years, the highest annual earnings per share of lion technology, for example, the unit in 2014 and in 2015 to achieve earnings per share were $0.05 and $0.01, respectively, the performance of low value stocks. But according to the forecast of the stock in 2016, 2017, 2018 results will achieve a qualitative leap, which will achieve earnings per share an average of 0.65 yuan, 1.17 yuan, 1.64 yuan, an increase of 6398%, 80%, 40%, average increase of up to 2172%. In addition, in 2016, 2017, 2018 guangyuyuan earnings per share an increase of arithmetic mean value of 737%, construction machinery, Tuopai willing, Huiyuan, communications, Dongan tech long power, with more than 200% value group and other stocks increase average. Figure generally, this kind of stock two years before the performance is more general to achieve a qualitative change mainly has 3 factors: 1, the fundamentals of the industry than in the past have greatly improved, such as the lion technology will benefit from the new energy automotive industry hot. In addition, in the liquor industry Tuopai group and Shuijingfang, also gradually get rid of the performance decline; 2, to achieve a major restructuring, mergers and acquisitions such as Xinjiang Tianye day chemical industry led to soaring performance; 3, its business has been greatly expanded, such as BOCO, Wright, Chu Jiangxin. The future performance of stable high growth stocks. It is worth mentioning that part of the stock’s performance may not be as expected so better, especially related to the failure of the reorganization of assets subject, such as three technology, communications, such as Huiyuan dayilong. These recombinant temporarily failed companies, perhaps many market participants in the eyes of the "shell" concept, and their market value is clearly not entitled to institutions of all ages, for example, the latest market value of 3 stocks is still at the level of 4 billion yuan. The list is only *ST Cangzhou large capitalization stocks than the 3 low, 3 billion 624 million yuan. Stocks a lower market capitalization is San Yang shares, the latest market value of 3 billion 770 million yuan. From a valuation point of view, in accordance with the agency forecast in 2017 to achieve each;相关的主题文章:

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