Rockets sign before the Hornets head training camp list up to 19 people missing only Moti-restorator

Rockets sign before the Hornets head training camp list up to 19 people only missing Moti according to the U.S. YAHOO sports reporter Werner Lovskey said, the Rockets have free agent PJ- Hairston signed a training camp contract, at the same time, the Rockets will also enjoy Hairston in the development of the union contract reserves the right to. Today, the Rockets training camp list of 19 people, but the lack of Moti E Jonas. The 23 year old Hairston height 1 meter 98, the Secretary shooting guard and small forward, after graduating from college, Hairston went to play in the NBDL, in 2014, he ushered in a turning point, the first round of twenty-sixth by Miami selected, then traded to the Hornets, Hairston also became the first history of the NBA Development League was selected in the first round of the players so far, in the career, Hairston played 111 games, averaging 6 points and 2.4 rebounds. 2015-16 season, Hairston and Lin played, because Mcgigi was injured, so he got the chance, averaging 19.5 minutes and 6 points on 2.7 rebounds, but the efficiency is poor, the hit rate of only 35.9% of the poor. In February this year, the Hornets and Grizzlies, the heat reached a three party deal, Hairston sent to grizzly bear. In 18 games in Memphis, he averaged 6.9 points and 2.6 rebounds in 20.8 minutes. In addition to the stadium’s performance, Hairston has repeatedly and off negative news link at the University, he was arrested for possession of a pistol, has also become the focus for speeding, in effect the Hornets period, Hairston had beaten a high school student, it is typical of the head. In the off-season this year, Hairston has been looking for a club, he participated in the mini camp, but not by the Grand Army of fancy. In addition, Hairston also participated in the nets and the pedestrian trial also failed, the Rockets finally gave him a chance. After the signing of Hairston, the Rockets training camp list has reached 19 people, only one distance alliance limit, and in accordance with the regulations, before the regular season started, the NBA team will need to streamline the number to 15 people, it is worth mentioning that Moti Jonas was due to the delay and the Rockets reached to renew the agreement, at present it has not yet appeared in the team’s big list.

火箭签前黄蜂刺头 训练营名单达19人只缺莫蒂据美国雅虎体育记者沃纳洛夫斯基透露,火箭已经和自由球员PJ-海尔斯顿达成了一份训练营合同,同时,火箭还将会享有海尔斯顿在发展联盟的签约保留权。如今,火箭训练营名单达到19人,唯独缺少莫蒂埃尤纳斯。现年23岁的海尔斯顿身高1米98,司职得分后卫和小前锋,在大学毕业后,海尔斯顿前往NBDL打球,2014年,他迎来转机,首轮第26位被热火队选中,随后交易到黄蜂,海尔斯顿也成为了NBA历史上第一位在首轮被选中的发展联盟球员,在迄今为止生涯里,海尔斯顿一共打了111场比赛,场均拿到6分2.4个篮板。2015-16赛季,海尔斯顿曾和林书豪做过队友,由于麦基吉受伤,他因此得到上位机会,场均登场19.5分钟得到6分2.7个篮板,但效率不佳,命中率只有惨淡的35.9%。在今年2月份时,黄蜂和灰熊、热火达成三方交易,将海尔斯顿送至灰熊。在孟菲斯效力的18场比赛里,他场均出战20.8分钟拿到6.9分2.6个篮板。除了球场内的表现外,海尔斯顿也曾多次和场外负面新闻联系起来,在大学期间,他就因为私藏手枪被逮捕,还曾因驾车超速成为焦点,在黄蜂效力时期,海尔斯顿还曾殴打过一名高中生,可谓是典型的刺头。在今年休赛期,海尔斯顿一直在寻找东家,他曾经参加过湖人的迷你训练营,但并未被紫金军团看中。此外,海尔斯顿还参加了篮网和步行者的试训,同样无功而返,最终火箭给了他一个机会。在签下海尔斯顿之后,火箭的训练营名单已经达到19人,距离联盟规定上限只差一人,而按照规定,在常规赛开始前,NBA球队需要将人数精简至15人,值得一提的是,莫蒂埃尤纳斯由于迟迟未能和火箭达成续约协议,目前还尚未出现在球队的大名单当中。相关的主题文章:

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