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Business Wouldnt it be nice to be able to go chase after all the people who visit your site but dont end up contacting you or making a purchase? Maybe have another chance to strut your stuff and ask for reconsideration? In-person sales tactics allow for the salesperson to lure a potential customer back with another offer, or some information they maybe hadnt been privy to before. Theres always a way to reel them back in and try to close the deal again. But when internet users are wandering through the vast tundra of cyberspace, looking for the best deal or a wealth of information on which to base their decisions, there was never a way to get out in front of them and say, Hey, remember me? I think you should look over here again. Im pretty sure I can help you. With remarketing (also known as retargeting) you can do just that. The percentage of people who will leave your site without converting is astounding a whopping 97%. Thats a lot of people you can chase after, and a huge pool of targeted and specific consumers who may just need another gentle nudge to click the Buy Now button. Remarketing puts you in front of your customers as they visit other websites by appearing as ads, just like the regular paid search ads you see when you Google something. Lets focus on Googles paid search tactics and how you can take your PPC campaign further with remarketing. You already have your ads appearing in sponsored results sections, maybe have them spreading out a bit more on other sites through Googles vast Display Network so you can capture the folks searching for something on another site like HowStuffWorks.., or reading an article related to your business on NYTimes… Remarketing refines this method and puts your valuable ads in front of people who have actually been on YOUR website, and then left. So they are already looking for something related to your business, and when they leave your site and go on another one, guess what appears your ad! This method banks on the fact that people remember something after theyve seen it a few times, and can gently encourage them to return to your site and .plete the purchase. Remarketing is not to be confused with those annoying pop-ups that appear when you try to leave a website you know, the ones with flashing lights and But wait, theres more!! infomercial approaches. It just tracks your movements and offers up a quiet psst as you go about your business. The method is more subtle, and a lot less likely to irritate the potential customer. Adding remarketing to your paid search can greatly improve your ROI, as it is just about as targeted as you can get in terms of finding your audience. There are a variety of options as well, like displaying a certain ad to people who have made a purchase on your site before, encouraging them to return; or targeting a specific piece of your business like showing ads about leather couches specifically when someone visited your home furnishing site and clicked on a few images leather couches for sale. The people the ads are being shown to have already done the work to find your site, and as they wander around collecting more information or seeing what else is out there, they are being reminded about you. The specifics of remarketing like adjusting your AdWords campaign to include it, placing the right Analytics tracking code on your website, and creating remarketing lists is probably best left to seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of paid search and Google AdWords specifically. If you are interested in exploring paid search, or are already using it and would like to try remarketing in your campaign, give us a call and we can help! BreezeGo Inter. Marketing Solutions provides inter. marketing services to businesses large and small across North America. For more information, visit or call 1-888-995-6442. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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