Pokemon go plus wearable accessories will be listed in September 16th-denka

Pokemon GO Plus wearable accessories will be listed in September 16th since the launch of "Pokemon GO" performance, through the combination of geographic location and AR, coupled with the popularity of IP around the Nintendo "Pokemon" development, make the game in the summer and quickly occupied the mobile phone game player, has become the most popular summer game downloads record high. According to official data released in September 8th, since its launch in July, Pokemon GO cumulative downloads have more than 500 million times, the game is still the first record of apple App Store released the highest downloads. In order to enhance the gaming experience, Nintendo has announced that it will launch a game without opening the mobile phone accessory hardware can detect, perception of Pokemon — Pokemon GO Plus, the original plan will be listed in the end of 7, after due to the need of further testing postponed. Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon GO Plus will be officially listed in September 16th, priced at $35. After using Pokemon GO Plus, players do not have to look at the screen when the game at any time, while walking while collecting elves, thereby reducing people’s concerns about security. In addition, in the early hours of yesterday morning the apple press conference, "Pokemon" GO development company Niantic CEO John · Hank (John Hanke) announced that the game will be landing Apple Watch, and demonstrates how to catch and hatch in Apple Watch on pet. (Interface)相关的主题文章:

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