PC party strong invincible! Ign selection of ten years the best PC Game 25 actv

PC party strong invincible! IGN ten years after the selection of the best PC game review in the past 10 years, PC is the most diverse gaming platform – not only the number of games, but also a wide variety of types. Therefore, the selection of the 25 most sensational most memorable PC game is actually a daunting challenge. However, the well-known game media IGN editors still Zhinanershang, select a list of the most exciting game for everyone, the selection of the object for the period from October 2006 to October 2016 of PC games, including once but now retired and create a great sensation is still at the top of the big game, many works in 2016 released the latest edit study on the list of IGN. The following is a detailed list of the Top25PC game and you IGN game editor for the comments, with a look at the small series of games which are selected! 25, "Batman: City" (Batman:Arkham City) for a long time, most developers do not have enough talent, can not produce a good Batman game. Later, Rocksteady articles "Batman: Agam asylum" (Batman:Arkham Asylum) was born, the end of this embarrassing situation. And then the "Batman: Agam" the city will strive for further improvement, finally let the game player play in large and complex brother Tan Chengzhong free Batman leaps from the roof, glide into the alley, and knocked the threat of villains, and disappeared in the darkness. In addition to a high degree of freedom in an open world, battle scenes, excellent performance and smooth the villain’s moreish and beyond count quests together the success of the great game. It is worth mentioning that the PC version of the screen also killed other platforms. Tristan Ogilvie – 24, "Kambara space plan" (Kerbal Space Program) the out of the ordinary space simulation game with a simple idea to build a set of complex system, a true representation of a rocket from the initial design, construction, operation, to complete the task of transmitting all requirements with attention state, game player mathematical thinking, meticulous and wisdom to deal with emergency situations. In addition, the depth of the galaxy personalized design content, extraordinary and lack of systematic research on the guide to cosmic lovers can indulge them, self challenge, inventions, traveling the universe, is definitely one of the game player who can get the best space travel game. – Dyer Mitch. 23, the "star dewdale Monogatari" (Stardew Valley) the game is extraordinary, will "harvest moon" (Harvest Moon) series refined into simple and approachable, but very addictive game. In the quiet of the countryside, the "star dewdale Monogatari" brought by labor in exchange for results happy for the game player who. It’s a world of opportunities – just follow the lead.相关的主题文章:

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