Oral unrequited love for five years found himself was in the spare tire polartec

Oral: unrequited love for five years to find herself in the spare tire is the eternal blue sky teacher, hello! I am 29 years old this year, there is a stable state of the envy of the state-owned monopoly industry, working environment and income are very good. I am also a key university graduate, height 178cm, the image meter will not drag the hind legs. But over the past seven or eight years I have been emotionally frustrated. When I was in college, I talked about a girlfriend who is a department of communication in our school. But as I graduated from college, two people in different places, and soon she will have a new boyfriend, and many college couples, we failed to cross the gap after graduation, eventually had to break up. May be the first girlfriend by contrast image. After graduation, although there have been many intimate experience, but from seeing each other first, I will not continue to associate the idea, finally to a variety of reasons is basically not a settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, exchanges to more than three months. Perhaps this is what I do not want to admit it, people are like this, when they have certain conditions to choose, always want to find a real love. Later, a trip from Hangzhou back on the train I met the small flowers. The small flowers that let me see at first wanted to keep her for a lifetime girl. Smile and her dress are spotless, natural and elegant, yet liberal and dignified. Our seat is opposite, she has been turning a fashion magazine, I will always look at her when she does not pay attention to. May be my eyes too focused, she later said it was called presumptuous, driven by passion eyes, she is very natural, face red. Later, I took the initiative to chat with her, that she is Hefei. We exchanged a snack, I eat her fruit, she also eat my food. When to get off, I said to my passing your home, you so much, as I take you in the past, can also help you with the next thing, she began not agree, but then reluctantly agreed. After I sent her home, she left me her cell phone number and QQ. The second day early in the morning, I added her QQ, so we started the deep communication on QQ. I spent two days, all the contents of her QQ space to see again, her lovelorn diary, she went to Tibet alone, in the home education for a year, I have not made deeply in love with her, although she is two years older than me. I and the small Hui is met in 2011, and now has gone through five years of time together. Over the past five years, although she has never publicly admitted that I was her boyfriend, but I am sure that she has been psychologically dependent on me. Every year we will have a birthday together, will go to a place where two people have not been to play. But now I knew, I actually had been in her spare tire. In 2012, she broke up with her ex boyfriend, breaking up the day, she let me pick her Huaihe Road, then we also went to the KTV the streets together, with her all night. But she didn’t tell me she was in love, I just thought she was in a bad mood. The year before last相关的主题文章:

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