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Automobiles What do Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella and Jenny Holzer all have in .mon? Yes, theyre all artists. But the real distinction is that theyve all taken part in BMWs Art Car series, an annual tradition where a BMW production model is transformed into a work of art by a prominent artist. I dont know about you, but I already feel like a vast majority of BMW production cars are works of art in their own right. But a little more aesthetically pleasing features couldnt hurt the style, right? New Jersey BMW 5 Series dealerships are as excited as I am to see this years Art Car. And this year, the nod goes to Jeff Koons, an artist known for his large reproductions of uninteresting objects (like balloon animals) created with a stainless steel finish, bright colors and mirror finish surfaces. Koon currently holds the world record for highest auction price for a work of art by a living artist and sells multiple pieces for a substantial price. He is highly regarded in the art .munity, and thats why New Jersey BMW 7 Series dealers are extremely excited to see what he can do with a car. While Koons has stated there are no hidden meanings in his works, were pretty sure the vehicle he paints will be a work of art in its own right. BMW announced the decision a few weeks ago at a big artistic gathering in Manhattan, titillating NJ BMW 1 Series dealers across the state. The event was held at the artists enormous huge studio in Chelsea, where bright lights and big names dominated a night of artistic celebration. Koons had expressed interest in participating in the series as far back as 2003 and stated that he has been a fan of BMW cars ever since he drove his first, 20 years ago in Munich, Germany. While well have to allow the artist some time to work, New Jersey BMW 5 Series dealers and drivers are brimming with enthusiasm to get a first look at what hell .e up with. Koons will represent the 17th artist to contribute to the Art Car series, which started in 1975 and has been going strong ever since. Koons work has included basketballs inside a tank, vacuum cleaners in glass cases and porcelain sculptures of Michael Jackson and his chimp. Very avant-garde stuff that has garnered mass appeal for its general aesthetic accessibility. New Jersey BMW 7 Series dealers are confident that Koons will produce a work of art on par with the fantastic reputation he has built for himself over the past few decades. In a market that has suddenly shifted its focus to smaller, more fuel efficient cars, BMW continues to market to the same audience that it has served for years. At the same time, the manufacturer has put renewed and strong focus on developing fuel economy technology to keep itself in line with the growing penchant for fuel efficiency. Visit a NJ BMW 1 Series dealer today for more information on the stunning ac.plishments of the Art Car series. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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