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Ningbo Cixi fishermen caught a strange fish what is the fish? Yesterday (October 23rd) at noon, who lives in Ningbo Cixi Guanhaiwei town five Dong Zha Cun Shao miss call hotline: my dad in the sea caught a fish, a bit like a puffer fish, but not too like. Asked some of the older fishermen around, they said they had never seen such a fish. So I would like to ask you to help me, what is this fish? Reporter Rong Zhihu verify reports: reporters yesterday afternoon arrived at Mr. Shao, Shao home has been surrounded by the crowd of villagers, the fish in the basin are slowly swimming. Reporter to see, the sharp head, eyes bulging, covered with blue circular spots, about sixteen to seven cm, it sometimes flapping fins, happily swim in the water. Reporters from the water picked up the fish, and it found that common puffer fish is not the same, the whole body stiff, like long outside a shell, even the belly is hard, in the hands of the whole body is not swollen, sometimes it also issued a "giggle" sound. Shao Master said, this is the copy from the sea he net catch up, there are more than 62 weight. At first he thought is the puffer fish, but a careful look like, the puffer fish body will drum up when in danger, but it will not, as well as its body except the fin, other parts are very hard, and that they have seen the puffer fish soft body is not the same. "Copy the sea for 30 years, also often caught puffer fish, familiar with their appearance and habits, so that the fish should not puffer fish." See such a strange fish, everyone was very surprised and very excited, have pulled out a cell phone to take pictures, recorded video sent to WeChat circle of friends, trying to prove this is what fish. The 80 year old Shen copy a lifetime of the sea, also repeatedly lamented: never seen such a fish, it was not like the puffer fish. Shao master’s daughter Shao Xiaojie said, the fish swim a little clumsy, looks very cute, the first time I thought it was a bird, because it is a little like the shape of the helicopter without wings. "The fish pinch will not sag in, looks like a small box of hard. We do not know, but also want to know what is this fish, I hope the reporter to contact experts to verify." Shao master said. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Fisheries center. A staff member of the photographs, initially identified as puffer fish. According to the reporter described in detail some of the details, he considered the possibility of a larger box, because it most of the body wrapped in a rigid box like protective shell, swimming is totally dependent on the fin to swing, unlike other fish class can swell or bend. But he also reminded, general Mola classes are toxic, advised people not to eat, released as well. When the master Shao after that, he is going to the two day of the fish will be released into the sea.相关的主题文章:

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