Nigeria China Export and Credit Insurance Corp will be added to the blacklist

Nigeria China Export and Credit Insurance Corp will blacklist the original title: Nigeria China Export and Credit Insurance Corp will be added to the blacklist according to Nigeria’s "business daily" reported on February 16th, the foreign exchange after the deterioration of the environment, China Export and Credit Insurance Corp (hereinafter referred to as CITIC Paul) will be added to the blacklist. Indonesian Central Bank (CBN) extreme exchange control measures has caused a shortage of dollars in the market, international investors and companies have complained about this and more. According to informed sources of anonymity, CITIC Paul has notified its customers will not accept the deal with nigeria. According to Bloomberg data, bilateral trade volume from $500 million in 2000 to 2014 at the end of $19 billion 600 million, of which 3/4, imports from china. Oil revenues contributed more than 90% to the Nigerian dollar, and the price of Nigerian dollar dropped by 40% due to the fall in oil prices. Since March 2015, Indonesian central bank began to implement 197 to 199 than 1 naira against the dollar. By February 12, 2016, Nepal’s foreign exchange reserves had dropped to $27 billion 800 million, down 33% from $40 billion in January 2014. Nepal importers tried their best to get us dollars, and the parallel market exchange rate dropped to 340 last Friday, and then reached a low level. Standard Chartered Bank’s February analysis showed that although the Nigerian government tried to maintain the stability of the exchange rate to control fuel prices and inflation, the price of exchange rate in the parallel market was actually playing a more important role, and the economy was weak and faced enormous devaluation pressure. According to media reports, Nigerian regulators have been considered to relax the policy, allowing foreign investors and importers to swap the more flexible space. The move has increased the pressure on Nepal’s central bank to introduce a new exchange rate policy. (Zang Hongzhao) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

中国出口信用保险公司将尼日利亚加入黑名单   原标题:中国出口信用保险公司将尼日利亚加入黑名单   据尼日利亚《商业日报》2月16日报道,因尼外汇环境恶化,中国出口信用保险公司(以下简称中信保)将尼加入黑名单。尼央行(CBN)极端的外汇管制措施已造成市场上美元短缺,国际投资者和公司对此多有微词。据不愿透露姓名的知情人士介绍,中信保已通知其客户,将不接受同尼方的交易。   彭博社数据显示,中尼贸易额已从2000年的5亿美元增至2014年底的196亿美元,其中四分之三为尼自华进口。   石油收入为尼美元收入贡献超过90%,因油价下跌,尼美元收入锐减40%。自2015年3月起,尼央行开始施行197至199比1的奈拉兑美元 汇率。至2016年2月12日,尼外汇储备已跌至278亿美元,比2014年1月的400亿美元减少了33%。尼进口商想尽办法获得美元,平行市场汇率上 周五已跌至340,再创新低。   渣打银行2月份的分析报告认为,尽管尼政府试图保持汇率稳定,以控制燃油价格和通货膨胀,但平行市场的汇率价格实际上在发挥更重要的作用,尼经济疲软,面临巨大的贬值压力。   据媒体了解,尼监管机构已在考虑放宽政策,允许国外投资者和进口商在更灵活的空间内换汇。中信保此举为尼央行出台新的汇率政策增加了更大压力。(臧洪朝 ) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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