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New method of eating dumplings to unlock! 3 minutes to teach you the frozen dumplings to eat and drink frozen – creative Sohu Boiled dumplings convenient to eat can always taste can not give you satisfaction today canned kitchen teach you to make dumplings gorgeous 4 kinds of creative approach to ensure your amazing taste you haven’t tried a big loss of material frozen eggs hold ~ Boiled dumplings egg dumplings step Boiled dumplings small fry chopped green onion oil and salt until golden surface by adding a small amount of water and simmer in water after drying again add in egg and simmer until the egg freezing can be sprinkled with chopped green onion, curry soup materials enjoy Boiled dumplings frozen Boiled dumplings fish curry curry coriander seaweed into the water to boil add steps Boiled dumplings cooked with fish, seaweed, coriander and serve the cheese? Boiled dumplings frozen cheese black sesame material Boiled dumplings egg with salt poured into the oven. Step 22 in the dumplings 0 degrees bake for 5-8 minutes to the surface slightly solidified add cheese again into the oven 220 degrees bake for 15 minutes and you can enjoy the taste of black sesame fried dumplings Hunan material frozen green peppers letinous edodes Boiled dumplings onion ginger chili sauce salt sugar sesame oil fermented black bean will be frozen Boiled dumplings fried to step skin hardens after heat oil in wok and set aside, add chili sauce, stir fry slightly after adding fermented black bean green peppers, onion and ginger, stir fry after letinous edodes continues to put the right amount of water, add salt, sugar and fried dumplings with a little sesame oil, stir fry and serve相关的主题文章:

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