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News-and-Society Neeraj Tewari is an IT veteran and has been playing football for many years. From his busy schedule, he often takes time out to play a game of football with friends. Here are some of his useful tips that help players to excel in the game of football. Believe In Yourself And Your Team Mates: Neeraj Tewari encourages budding players to believe in themselves and play with confidence. The players must be confident about their potential and abilities and the best way to build confidence is to practice. He says that players should try to do their best and show everyone their skills. Football is a team game and you should believe in your teammates and coaches. Your trust and believe in them will help others to play to their maximum potential. A great team believes in each other and if you follow these secrets, you will become a better football player. Do Regular Exercises: Physical fitness is the foremost requirement of every game and football is no exception. You should do exercises to increase your speed. Regular exercises will strengthen quick reflex muscles in the legs that help in improving speed. Neeraj Tewari says that a player can make significant improvement in his game by learning to play with both feet. This technique does not demand much effort but results in great results within a short span of time. Regular practice And Balanced Diet: The secret to football success is hard work. You should practice each day and if this might not to be feasible then make sure that you keep a few hours aside. With right skills, hard work and complete dedication, you can significantly improve your performance in the game of football, according to Neeraj Tewari . Football is a demanding game and you should follow a healthy diet schedule to remain physical fit to give your best. Neeraj suggests players to include a good combination of healthy foods, vitamins and minerals in their diet. Having energy drinks and lots of water also help to improve energy levels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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