Morning came the ten major news impact of today’s retail investors generally predicted slump – Sohu 3u8813

The post here: ten news today generally predict retail – Sohu 1, Shenzhen financial collapse through large probability of starting in November after September, 2 brokerage weekly report a lot of money from the bank credit flows to the real estate, the central bank to restart the emergency brake 3 14 day repurchase does not rule out future continue to lengthen to 28, 4, people’s Daily: the reform of state-owned ESOP can not be a "hold" on the spirit of 5, "eight line" provisions after landing information management plan in the field of regulatory initiatives continue to overweight 6 and the Ministry of finance, the third batch of PPP demonstration projects to declare a total investment of 2 trillion and 200 billion, 7 large transactions are now signs of recovery mechanism buying efforts increase in 8, the southern coastal northwest drop by the distribution of iron and steel production capacity of 9, Shanghai’s recent signs of maneuvers to be shot or full stop more strict regulation of homestead is imminent 10, UK fund in July the scale of capital outflows and nearly three years the largest single month, recently this day to specially asked a lot of retail friends, friends is the 90% retail market will be a prediction of collapse, especially concentrated in August 25th on Thursday, but the market let us wait and see exactly how to go. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!   相关的主题文章:

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