Master multitray notes how to deal with the theme of the concept into the ice period tianbi

Master multitray notes: theme concept into the ice period how to deal with the welcome attention to our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scanning the two-dimensional code to watch in real time when trading stocks Prelude To Water Melody? Wine in the market. I do not know how to market it, play with me? I want to sell higher, and fear behind bullish, tobacco money lost. Think of the right to, like in the crime! Look at the East, the West looked at, anyway. Should not hesitate, what things have to advocate. There are large and small, the money has earned more money, it is difficult to complete. I wish the cow for a long time, investors are at ease. The impact of last year’s stock market crash this year’s fuse to shareholders is profound psychological illusion, crash every day people consciousness, as long as the market adjustment is inevitable, the idea of flash crash. In fact, most of the stocks are at the bottom of the region, there is no inflation, where the basis for the collapse, and now is a structural bear market, in turn, is a structural bull market. Look at what you buy stock. Changes in the structure of the stock quickly, if the subsequent changes, then earn more pay less. Moving is not good, the two sides face. Don’t scare myself, weigh the hands of the ticket, in what area. Adjust fully, without fear of adjustment. (watch high) should be used to buy low tactics (1) is a method of figure 10% this way of fighting in the morning will usually have the opportunity to sell rallies, may also obtain continuous trading stocks. Stealing thought, master this method is more difficult, if the market judgment error, the day may be more than 10 percent loss. If it is not a bull market, the success rate is not high. (2) when figure 5% to 7% hit in 10 minutes before the halfway in the morning, may have opened +5% lower to -5% minutes of malignant whipsaw losses of 10%. In 940 when the market is usually not high heat, so the success rate is not high. Most of the stock’s closing price of 0 are below 2%, indicating a playing board and halfway success rate is very high to. (3) I love to use "water dragon" (buying time figure 0 to 2%) buy buy time in the just opened, in time on the graph zuoshou price is 0 (water), to 0 to 2% range from lattice chase to buy. This is actually on the surface of the chase, chase down, because it fell with respect to the waves may just end, or may just wave rose 4%. The success rate of this buy method is higher, because the purchase cost is not high, because the popular fund B closing price is usually higher than 0 on the top 2%. In the bull market, this method is also a hit and odds ratio in large way. (4) in 0 under the buying strategy to chase innovation high rise, to chase down in tumbles in tactics, fell because in fact for the future rise space and energy savings. I fell in love waves in bargain hunting tactics, tumbles 8% (plus or minus 1% (the first batch) buy buy). Because it is falling, so basically buy in 0. Don’t chase the high, low chase, chase down is the most secure buy buy point higher Zesheng is smaller. A (0]相关的主题文章:

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