Ma Su and Zhang Li love the design inspiration from African animal basket (video)

Ma Su Zhang Li loves design inspiration from African animal basket article reprinted from the media public number: unusual cloakroom (ID:chicgoo) just in the New York fashion week to shine beautiful horse, really amazing a lot of beautiful fan horse sudden good clothing products praise even the fashion guru, Han fire her igneous self show Yan photographed protagonist. My micro-blog large show is a variety of Cosplay modeling, a second sexy charming and handsome handsome Hideo have wind, wind, fresh and can freely convert other female next door, see the next time, bring you a new variety of Ma Piaoliang. Ma Su: to see the doll machine I can not go to the real horse really beautiful no disappointment, clothing is really good new standards. That horse is an extremely beautiful private love fashion brand advocate, holding Lily this simple and fresh style show, beautiful appearance of the horse is a Chinese designer brand LOU DE NANNAN LOU DE NANNAN said the rookie brand, through her clothes in the biz is really not less, in addition to the horse beautiful, attended New York fashion the week Zhang Li has been photographed street show in LOU DE NANNAN’s suspenders. Hunan satellite TV, I am a singer, the host Liu Ye also love LOU DE NANNAN. Some time ago just hit end TV version "to play Li Weijuan youth" in the circle of Wang Zixuan CICI, but a good figure, has the standard nine head LOU DE NANNAN is also the summer home of the regulars. Jin Chen’s domineering cover also dressed in LOU DE NANNAN. Another good clothing product artist Tang Yan DE NANNAN with the same set of LOU, was once sold out of stock, missed can really regret. Such a large fashion owners can also be satisfied with it, simple, stylish and stylish design style but your food? I heard LOU DE NANNAN design manuscript designer Kong Nannan is extremely beautiful, do not look at the finished clothes, just look at the initial manuscript will be able to buy it in ancient times, do not believe, we feel free to. This exquisite hand-painted small manuscript is not really common, LOU DE NANNAN designer Kong Nannan is a native of Chinese descent, five years of schooling and work experience to France is not only the South South hole design details of carp, the typical European aesthetic deep in her heart. This description of those women in my heart of South South MUSE "I loved, kind and full of courage, heroic spirit is elegant; do not need special to please others, but is charming, this is what I want the image of women." So the design of the LOU DE NANNAN Miss Kong also tend to European women’s dress style: simple and elegant, with a little lazy and cool. Her clothes are designed to give these independent, beautiful and elegant people. She believes that the real wear is the first element of fashion design, just like the rich and beautiful soul is trapped in the carrier, the human body is a material, put aside the work of art and installation.相关的主题文章:

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