Lovely Xianghu Koi died in the hundreds and over feeding or related synnex

Lovely Xianghu Koi died in the hundreds or excessive feeding in just the past eleven holidays, people enjoy a long holiday, the lifting of the work caused by fatigue. However, there are some little guy’s "eleven holiday" is not very good. They are Hangzhou Xianghu Xiangpu fish in the pond koi. Xiang Pu fish is Xianghu’s first batch of tourist attractions, the pool of goldfish swimming in the tens of thousands of tail flick scene is very spectacular, today, Xiangpu fish has become a very famous scenic spot in Xianghu, especially by the love of children. National Day, the various attractions of Xiaoshan tourists, Xianghu is one of them. Hunan lake in August of this year put two thousand pounds of carp, count several times before delivery, Xianghu has a specific number of the countless carp. The day before yesterday, I came to Xianghu, because it is working day, so many tourists in Xianghu is not a lot, mainly with the children to play with the children. The number is still a lot of Carp Lake, but the author discovered three dead carp floating in the water. Uncle Wang often with a grandson to play in Xianghu. He told the author that he also noted: "Koi dead I see, every day there are several dead, many a day can have 7, 8, most of them are 20 cm above the dead fish, it is a pity." It is understood that, from October 2nd onwards, Xiangpu fish in Koi after death. According to statistics Xianghu Tourism Co. Ltd., up to now, the number of dead is 166 koi. In order to find out the koi’s death, Xianghu management department from some of the dead fish for testing. But many people think that is caused by too much investment in food. Uncle Wang said: "Koi are usually in the water, let the carp float to throw bait. As a result, you throw me also throw, fish eat too much on the dead." In addition to feeding too much, another reason is that the Fed is not suitable for tourists to eat food such as fish, excessive salt cookies, too greasy bread, will lead to physical discomfort after eating carp, cause of death. It is understood, according to the normal feeding amount, one hundred pounds of carp every day only need one kg of feed, but the eleven period, a feeding amount of tourists, it is difficult to control. The boss canteen Xiangpu fish beside the canteen told the author, now only a small amount of fish food sales: "yesterday, a total of 22 packets, at closing time the rest of the 4 package, try to make the tourists feeding quantity is less." The causes of death of carp, the boss said: "on the one hand is the tourists feeding fish food right. There is a festival days the weather is too hot, the water can lead to hypoxia, koi death. In addition, when the construction of pond when using cement. Cement a long soak in the water, will make alkaline water, if there is a wound on the fish, it is not easy to heal, for a long time, will lead to the death of koi." After the holiday, Xianghu tourists reduced, Xiangpu fish in Koi can also have a good rest. Zhejiang Xianghu Tourism Co. Ltd. manager Han said: "now the phenomenon of Koi death has been a certain control, we have taken a lot of measures, one is the water dropping drugs, two oxygen into the water, the next will strengthen security personnel patrols along the Xianghu, warned the tourists"相关的主题文章:

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