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Software Until now, Gmail service was considered as one of the most trustworthy email service but it has been proven wrong in the recent times as many Gmail accounts had to face breakdown recently due to which the users had to face a lot of inconvenience by compromising with the database they stored in their Gmail account. If you do not want to face such circumstances then you must know how to protect Gmail emails and one of the finest ways to do so is to create Gmail Backup with the help of a reliable backup utility of Gmail that has the ability of creating a substitute copy for the original copy of your Gmail database. Pros And Cons Of Gmail Backup For obvious reasons a famous quotation reads Better safe than sorry and in the same way the users are always suggested to perform Gmail Backup in order to safeguard their database but to anyones surprise backing up Gmail database is advantageous as well as disadvantageous too. It would be surprising but even backing up your Gmail database as a solution to queries like how to protect Gmail emails has its part of pros and cons too. Pros I.The backup copy of Gmail database assures the users that even if they try to perform synchronization of their Gmail account database with a Smartphone or any other mobile device and some kind of mishap occurs by any chance then also their database remains safe and sound. II.Even if major server breakdown occurs like what recently around 40,000 users had to face, then also this time the users wont have to compromise with their database as by backing up their data with a trustworthy Gmail Backup software solution would be more than enough. III.If your Gmail account has become bulky due to which you need to make it lighter by deleting the emails then you can back up the entire database and delete the original copy of the data present on the Gmail account in order avoid making your account heavy in size. Cons I.Backup is not the ultimate solution to safeguard your database because of any unforeseen circumstances your Gmail database becomes damaged and inaccessible and even the backup copy of your database gets corrupted then you wont be able to restore the original copy of Gmail account database. Suggested Solution Pros and cons are the part and parcel of the process but its the way you tackle them that counts and with the help of Gmail Backup tool you can successfully know how to protect Gmail emails in an eased manner with its upgraded version i.e. v1.1.0.0 or with the help of the remote access service provided by the support department. About the Author: How Organizations Can Benefit From Database Performance Management By: Rosario Berry – The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and complex in terms of their functionality. 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