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UnCategorized Please enjoy this book review The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health by Cherie Calbom. I’ve always been a lover of fresh juice. There’s no .parison to a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice .pared to that stuff you buy in a jug. The less man has his fingers in it the better it tastes. No one will deny the benefits that fresh juice has .pared to it’s counterparts in the canned juice aisle but did you ever think that fresh juices could heal you from disease? That’s a question to ponder and one we will address with the review of The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health. Do you want to lose weight? Get rid of cellulite? Looks years younger? How about improving your health? Do you want to do your part to recover from a disease or illness? Countless scientific studies have proven that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can vastly improve your fitness and vitality, promote weight loss, boost your energy levels, fight the effects of again, and enhance your general well-being? Cherie’s book begins with her life story. At the age of 30 she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Cherie suffered from never ending flu symptoms, pain, and feeling lethargic. Along with that she suffered hypoglycemia and Candida albicans (systemic yeast infection). In turn she felt hopeless, sick, and just plain spent. Cherie concluded that this was one of her most discouraging times of her life. Cherie found no clear answers from the medical .munity and decided to take matters into her own hands. Taking a trip to the health store determined that she was eating poorly and not providing her body the nutrients it needed to heal and gain energy. She learned the energizing benefits of juicing and the healing restorative power of detoxification. Cherie than determined that there was something she could do for her health. Armed with a juicer she moved to Colorado and made her health the #1 priority. She began a detoxification diet, daily juicing, and vegan eating (consume no beef or chicken). Initially Cherie felt worse from her changes in diet, but magically one morning she felt improved. But one morning, without warning. I woke up early feeling brand-new, with so much energy I wanted to go jogging. I felt as if someone had given me a new body. I thought,Wow! That was the best cure on earth. I realized that freshly made vegetable juices, veggie smoothies, lots of raw foods, periodic cleansing, and a nutritious, whole-foods diet was a lifestyle I could follow to produce the health I wanted. The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health than proceeds with a long list of diseases and illness which of course include multiple sclerosis. Cherie explains the disease, lifestyle re.mendations, diet re.mendations, nutrient re.mendations, herb re.mendations, and lastly juice therapy and juice recipes. This book has excellent information but it is life changing and a long term .mitment. You won’t see changes over night, but I assure you all the work will be well worth it. Lastly Cherie end’s her book with detoxify and cleaning routines. Kidney Cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse. What I like about the detox diet is that all recipes for cleansing are given to you in the book. There is no need to buy anything besides healthy fruits and vegetables. There is no worry as to what you might be putting into your body and what they out.e might be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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