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Jacky Wu gallstone patients hospitalized in 4 hours surgery wound live show Jacky Wu live Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Jacky Wu [micro-blog]2 suddenly open live in the hospital, said he had finished the knife, gallstone patients hospitalized, yesterday just finished surgery, the gallbladder removed, restored well today. He said the day before yesterday recorded "variety big top", even makeup are not unloaded, went into operation, opened 4 hours tomorrow to go to work in Beijing. Jacky Wu said, they are too busy to ignore the gallbladder, bile duct blockage so lost place, the day before admission, surgery yesterday, is in good condition in the hospital now, live chat with friends, look good, he also asked the users do not think he is more handsome? Because he lost 4 kg, 71 kg at present, "now I like the eagle reborn." In the hope to maintain weight, preparing for a concert, he also show ax wound fans, because of his previous video fell ill, let the fans worry over. The netizen asked Li Yanjing event, he said he would not drink, drink less, also take their own previous driving without a license event self deprecating, but he said that when not so strict. Someone asked him to eat Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce will now? He said, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce not eating it, "it was a mistake." ETtoday paper

吴宗宪因胆结石住院开刀4个钟头 直播秀伤口 吴宗宪直播   新浪娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,吴宗宪[微博]2日突然开直播,在医院说自己刚开完刀,因胆结石住院,昨天才刚做完手术,把胆拿掉,今天复原得不错。他说,前天录完《综艺大热门》后,连妆都来不及卸,就进去开刀,开了4个钟头,明天还要去北京工作。   吴宗宪说,自己工作太忙忽略了胆,所以输胆管的地方堵塞,前天入院,昨天开刀,现在状况很好,在医院开直播与网友聊天,看起来气色不错,他还问网友不觉得他现在变帅了吗?因为自己瘦了4公斤,目前71公斤,“我现在就像老鹰重生一样。”希望维持在这个体重,为演唱会做准备,他也秀出开刀的伤口让粉丝看,他先前因录影病倒,让粉丝超担心。   有网友问他李妍憬事件,他说不要喝酒就好,他自己不太喝酒,还拿自己先前无照驾驶的事件自嘲,但他说那时候没管那么严。有网友问他现在还会去吃凉面吗?他说,凉面没在吃了啦,“那是个误会。”ETtoday 文相关的主题文章:

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