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[] in the heart of ice Qin met in Sanya and Mediterranean and French romantic – Sohu tourism has been very love blue and white Mediterranean style. So, usually dressed in white with blue love, the first decoration of the home into the Mediterranean, the first European to choose Italy, after every year to a Mediterranean countries. However, the high cost of the total, fatigued by a long journey, not all right to feed a dove, a last weekend. Fortunately, with a strong French style Mediterranean club ClubMed in October 11th officially opened in Sanya, the Mediterranean style and the perfect combination of tropical style in Sanya. Referred to Sanya, we are not unfamiliar, here has always been regarded as the first choice for tourist resort. White sand, blue sky, warm water, coconut and sails bulk endless sun, which is known as "Oriental Hawaii" of the city, with a place waiting for your coming. Club Med Sanya resort Sanya is the first "fine all inclusive" resort, it is located in Sanya Bay in the west end, only 15 minutes drive from the airport to here, not easily tired can begin to enjoy the journey. The entrance is a piece of green, people feel a tropical style. The hotel at the entrance of the blue is my most love color, blue and blue decoration roadside car blue sky appears more all blend into one harmonious whole, gentle, let a person feel relaxed and happy in it. The hotel lobby with natural style, a door will see the garden and the beach is rich in vegetation composition matched wonderful scenery. In this different form of the green world, some coffee table green embellishment and carefully selected fabric color, everywhere is reflected in the design of similar to nature. Here, "pure nature, enjoy freedom" is what they want to express the idea. Here, tropical and French life art meet, bathed in the genial sunshine, enjoy the wonderful feeling of nature. Let me think of the phrase "facing the sea, with spring flowers blossoming". There are parents of children, where you can not only relax vacation, the baby can get good care. The resort offers a different age 2-17 popliteal age children club for a family holiday guests, let the children make new friends from around the world at the same time enjoy a happy holiday, access to new knowledge and new skills. Children’s Club teachers and children enjoy the fun of vacation together ~ here are children from all over the world, we can learn together and progress together. The design of children’s club is not only full of fun, but also is the core part of the Mediterranean resort, here is the king of the children. And everything here is for his mood. Many of these areas are based on the natural environment around the world (from recreational areas to entertainment areas, from accommodation to outdoor playgrounds), which are divided into rainforest, carnival, vendors, water market, sea world, etc.. In addition to the blue sky and the beach, here can enjoy the gym level sports experience and sports center around here is not only around the shade do intimate contact with nature, the transparent wall top wall:相关的主题文章:

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