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In addition to the explosion car, Mercedes Benz there are several animals – this is the car track Sohu driving hsupai from the original article, writer Zhao xiaocha. I think this article writes really very troublesome, because I didn’t get any opportunity to drive around them, just on the edge, listened to the roar of the engine, already intoxicated. Of course, standing around and several high value Yan racer, my idol, F1 champion Racer Mika? Hakkinen also on the scene, no enchanting beauty also not hi song, but under such a scenario, bursting hormones. I define two speed machines on the stage, one is the track beast, one is the road beast. However, they have no expression of ferocious, Mercedes AMG for the car in the extreme speed of the machine aesthetic level. The official listing of the "highway beast" Mercedes -AMG C 63 coupe Limited special edition, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 1 million 348 thousand yuan, limited edition 50. The car was in June 30th before the 63 C Mercedes -AMG coupe (1 million 28 thousand yuan) and Mercedes -AMG C 63 S coupe (1 million 278 thousand yuan) of the listing ceremony, the Chinese debut. And before the listing of the two models, AMG C 63 coupe appearance design is more close to the DTM for the 2016 season the German touring car masters of the Mercedes -AMG C DTM racing 63. Exclusive designo Moonstone matte grey paint collocation bright yellow painted decoration, make it very recognition; in addition to expanding type striking front and rear wheel arches and increasing the distance, its car details also dynamic charming, such as the use of AMG high performance sports seats, NAPPA Black Leather trimmed with the appearance of echoes yellow stitching, unique diamond pattern etc.. "The track beast" – Mercedes -AMG GT S special limited edition by AMG brand ambassadors, the two F1 world champion Mika Hakkinen? China opened the first show at the scene. This is designed to create a China market special limited edition models, the Mercedes -AMG GT S ($1 million 688 thousand) as the foundation, bright yellow painted trim from the hood to the rear of the vehicle through the body on behalf of the track, and appeared in the side of the body, and designo Moonstone matte gray body in stark contrast. In addition, it is equipped with a front spoiler, side skirts and a car body larger tail large black tail. The main content is about it, because in addition to the market, unlike the Mercedes -AMG production car like ours, and performance of the new car introduced one by one point. To this level of consumers, the key is whether or not a single individual preferences, moreover, the listing of this limited edition special edition coupe limited to only 50 units, while another sports car is temporarily unable to buy. However, this does not prevent me from eating melon people to explore them. For example, after I read the configuration table, found the C 63 coupe configuration option is I less than GT相关的主题文章:

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