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[Iceland] snow town in December 2012 12 the Akure north of Japan is a special day for me, and extra special. The day I arrived in Iceland on the north side of the snow town, located at latitude 66 degrees to Akureyri, my life at the north of the border, the edge of the Arctic circle. Accu Reilly, a mere 15000 people, covers an area equivalent to the city of 150 thousand people.   here, ice cold, hot springs, earth smoke, brilliant sky…… Fly from Reykjavik to Akureyri, about 40 minutes, faintly visible in central Iceland plateau glacier in the night, the morning of Akureyri scenery is like night, the tour guide said to come back at night to take pictures, hurried to the gods falls, when it was light. We are so lucky to catch up with a rare good weather. The waterfall is named after gods legend: long long ago, a chief in Iceland decided Iceland people began to believe in Christianity, the other gods are thrown into the waterfall, the waterfall became gods waterfall. Under the volcano Wadenghu meters, not frozen lake in waves. The scenery in the ice and snow, it looks like a warm feeling. After the eruption of the volcano left a devil City, such a cold evening, we came to visit, broke the tranquility here.   at this time the color of the sky changes, there have been pink.   the most beautiful light, the sky became a rainbow, see the purple light, hot volcano lying vacated, no sign of life, but a lively smoke, Paradise home, room in scenic spots. Lake Myvatn is a Blue Lake open in a world of ice and snow, hot springs, hot springs in the edge of the polar snow, very very happy. It’s all our people, cheering and jumping, breaking the peace.   in the face of the Gulf of Akureyri on the other side of the high stop, let us enjoy the remote city bright night. This city does not mean absolute power, a brilliantly illuminated, surrounded by mountains of bright lights at Alpine skiing.   downtown spa Akureyri, hidden behind the tree, bright lights, like the Jade Pool in the sky. Came to a bar, see inside, but a lot of people, remote city nightlife! Overlooking the city in front of the cathedral. 5 pm also stay in Iceland near the most north of the Arctic Circle, the hot springs in a world of ice and snow, 8 o’clock in the evening, after several minutes, a few minutes of flight, and a few minutes drive to the lamps and candles of a myriad families of Reykjavik called a Viking restaurant. The restaurant is open, the pirate ship filled with delicacies.   the Vikings big meat here, each a big sheep leg. The Vikings often love narrative, we listened to the singer sing and wandering portrait.   Viking meat drink, we are drinking wine. This is my 2012.12.12, always remember this memorable day. Iceland Winter Fairy tale. A相关的主题文章:

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