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Hybrid will not lose   experience; Guangzhou Honda Ya Ge Rui? – hybrid cars – people.com.cn people.com.cn I have remembered the first time driving hybrid models the wonderful feelings: a quiet start to accelerate, Houjinshizu middle strength and much lower than the car fuel consumption, let a person feel this it is worthy of the name "black technology". This year, the domestic joint venture hybrid suddenly get together, so that in the short term we have ushered in a number of heavy models. Whether in the price or configuration, these models are carried out in almost melee competition. Go back to the drive of the protagonist — Guangzhou Honda accord hybrid Rui? (hereinafter referred to as "accord hybrid"). For a long time, Honda hybrid car in China have put in test, if you remember how rare a hybrid version of the civic, Insight or CR-Z, they can not be regarded as Honda in the China hybrid "main force". After a few show after domestic accord hybrid version finally caught up with the change of the medium-term time, officially listed, it is also the first domestic Honda hybrid models. This time, Honda has repeatedly stressed that the new car equipped with this hybrid system as "SPORT HYBRID" to highlight its sports. I have not been exposed to this generation of Honda’s latest i-MMD hybrid system, but the TOYOTA THS-II hybrid system contact more. Right now, it’s time to feel the difference. (E Zhichao, commissioning editor Dou Ming) this article will focus on the dynamic performance of mixed feelings accord edition models, I believe the most attention which is part of all people. Honda SPORT today HYBRID hybrid system is divided into three levels, including the single motor i-DCD motor i-MMD system for double car system, for small cars, as well as for the higher level models of SH-AWD three motor hybrid system. Accord hybrid is used in i-MMD system. The working logic of this hybrid system is not complicated. It has three operating modes: pure electric, hybrid and engine power. The use of pure electric mode that is only driven by the motor; start the engine in hybrid mode, but will not drive the wheels directly, but to power an electric motor, driven by a motor wheel, then the working state is similar to the extended range electric vehicle. In the engine power mode, the vehicle will be driven directly by the engine, the motor will also be involved when necessary. The accord equipped with the hybrid version of this power system consists of motor and 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine. Among them, the motor is the main driving force of the vehicle, the maximum output power of 135 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 315 cattle m, it is also responsible for the power recovery and braking force in the taxi. Unlike TOYOTA’s hybrid logic, the engine will no longer be the main driving force, but more as a generator to exercise their functions. The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine has a maximum output power of 107 kW and a peak torque of 1)相关的主题文章:

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