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HTC Vive wireless version of the Vive suite of long cables to stumble Helmet – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April November 11th news, HTC Vive announced the launch of the first to support Vive VR wireless system upgrade kit. The kit is made up of three parts, namely the transmitter (TX), the receiver (RX) and the helmet power box (Power Box). It is reported that, Vive wireless suite will be held on HTC Vive official website on a limited sale, the price of 1499 yuan. The first order is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2017. According to HTC reports, TPCAST wireless two-way transmission protocol based on Vive wireless kit with depth optimization of antenna array and large bandwidth, to ensure that the display experience with cable is identical, namely the infinite transmission scheme can ensure the picture without delay. According to Wang Congqing, President of HTC Vive China, said the wireless version of the Vive helmet kit with the same range and distance from the standard version of the map, that is still able to achieve recognition and positioning within the 4.5m x 4.5m space. This solution is developed and produced by the Vive X accelerator program developed by the TPCAST team, and is applicable to all currently available Vive devices. Vive wireless suite consisting of Vive wireless transmitter by the transmitter (TX), the receiver (RX) and helmet power box (Power Box) three parts. 1) the PC transmitter (TX) sends the signal to the helmet and receives the feedback signal from the helmet and the handle, which is fixed to the Lighthouse locator when used. 2) helmet receiver (RX) receiver transmitter, through the action of a user feedback signal from the transmitter, embedded in the helmet. 3) helmet power box (Power Box) with different capacity of safe and efficient battery pack for the kit and helmet to provide up to 2 hours to more than 5 hours of use. Battery pack to support the use of rotation, replacement is convenient, suitable for long time experience in public places of entertainment. The power box is connected with the signal receiving end of the helmet by a wired connection, and the battery can be placed in a pocket or a portable bag. TPCAST team said it is developing a lighter battery, the battery can also be combined with the head. According to reports, wireless Vive suite structure is simple, the user can install their own upgrade. Suite is compatible with HTC Vive native hardware, instead of multiple cables between PC and Vive. The location of Lighthouse and six degrees of freedom handle scheme based on HTC Vive helmet overall experience is outstanding, but its cumbersome cable dragged behind has been a perplexing problem, the introduction of wireless kit is very effective to enhance the convenience of the helmet, expand its usage scenarios. Mobile VR is considered to be the trend of the times, after the implementation of the PC terminal VR devices several major players have begun to gradually convenient.相关的主题文章:

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