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UnCategorized Hiring a property manager does not leave you free of responsibility. You need to ensure that they follow the contract to your satisfaction. Your home and tenants would be left into this person’s (or property management agency’s) care and your success in renting your premises would largely depend on their performance and style of work. Do work out means by which you could monitor such performance effectively. Pay close attention to cleanliness, house maintenance and tenants’ relations. These aspects are critical to the success of your renting business. Before you enter into an agreement with the property manager, you might want to inquire who is their support staff – such as the plumber, electrician, housekeeper and so on – to ensure that these people are indeed capable of giving good service. No matter how far you live, you need to keep in close contact with your manager so you would be aware of each and every detail of your business there. Here are some questions that would help you determine whether the person is right for you and your property: 1.Experience – how long he or she has been in this particular profession? Generally, the more experience they have the more suited would they be for the job. However, do not disregard professionals or .panies that are just starting out, because very often they are more willing to work extra hard to satisfy their clients and build lasting business relationships. 2.Familiarity – what type of homes they looked after? Vacation homes, apartments, hotels, etc. Working in your type of rentals would definitely be a huge plus point. Look for experience that is relevant to the tasks that you propose for him/her. For example, if you are planning to rent out a furnished home on a short-term basis, make sure that this individual or .pany has expertise specifically with furnished rentals. This will ensure that they will be able to advertise your property to a specific market and know how to approach and handle this type of tenants. 3.Suitability – do they have the correct license for this type of job? Are they adequately insured? Each country and state/province has their own licensing requirement for .panies that rent out properties on behalf of home owners. It is very important to do your due diligence to ensure that you are handing over your property into reliable hands. 4.Exclusivity – do they require you to only work with them, or can you advertise through other .panies as well? Some .panies provide both options, and the difference for you would be in the .mission that you’ll pay. 5.Remuneration – find out what is their .mission and what other fees will they charge. Remember, you can always negotiate. Nothing prevents you from asking whether their .mission is negotiable and/or if they can waive certain fees. If you are dealing with one person (property manager or housekeeper) find out about what is the most .fortable salary or per visit price he or she could offer. Do not aim to bargain too much on this aspect – after all, if you pay peanuts, you would get only monkeys. You are going to leave your home in the hands of this person; show that you value them enough to offer a decent pay. The discussion and agreement here should also include method and style of billing, cycle of payment and method of payment. 6.Supplies – it is important that you make it clear whether the remuneration you are paying includes or excludes supplies needed for cleaning and minor repairs. 7. Tasks – it is also vital to your rental business success that both you and the person or agency you hire for maintenance knows exactly what tasks are expected as part of the service. There should be no space for ambiguity. If you have the expectation that he or she should do a few extra tasks every now and then – such as mowing the lawn once a month, trimming the hedge, run errands for the house, etc. there should be clear instructions about such tasks and their regularity. 8.References – what references do they have? Ask for at least three. Take the time and trouble to check on each one references provided and find out about the quality of their past work and remuneration, if the information is available. 9.Personality – it is very important in this business that your property manager has a pleasant personality. Ask yourself the following questions: is he or she pleasant to speak to? Do they have friendly body language and traits? Are they neat in their appearance? Can they be patient with an irritated customer? 10.Chemistry – do you like the person you are talking to, or is he or she simply grinding on your nerves? You would have to rely on this person for the period of time when your tenants would occupy your home; are you able to connect with this person so you could work together? Is the chemistry positive or negative? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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