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Home to enjoy SUV, not shouting slogans! Drive geely vision SUV- Sohu cars as the upcoming year Geely Automobile Third models SUV, Geely will prospect SUV located in the home to enjoy "SUV is not a slogan shouting, reloaded after vision SUV from modelling to silent quality, or from the power control to the security configuration, compared to cash GX7 do complete change. Chinese car for the overall design of the Chinese auspicious auspicious SUV inherited a new family of genes, and into more Chinese elements, modeling dynamic fashion, but also a sense of stability. A paper ripple shaped grille shape, with new headlights, gave us a very good first impression. In the face of this piece of the vast majority of consumers are not resist. Many Chinese elements have use in the body, such as paper design, Bauhinia fancy hub, Beidou star LED daytime driving lights. This will win the recognition of more ordinary consumers. The design of the hub from the Bauhinia Flower, five flower wreath around the Bauhinia, is matched with the size of 22565 R17 Giti comfort series tire characteristics, emphasis on comfort is more suitable for daily use. The lower part also uses design methods of this kind of beautiful and fashionable, adding to the lower ladder fog is vivid. Using the mainstream aesthetic design, the vision of the SUV is most likely to be focused on down-to-earth work, the pursuit of a harmonious life after 80 home users to accept, this is undoubtedly the most important. Keen to pull the details of the interior has also been a lot of innovation in the use of materials on the use of more soft materials, while adding a two color with interior, making the overall texture stronger. Soft plastic lined interior is more grades, feels good, this level models made of soft materials the interior of the car is not much, even if there is a touch just passable. The vision of the interior SUV feel at the same level, the same price models can belong to the benchmark level, so it is not taken for granted. When sitting in the car also habitually to hand touch everywhere tasting, suddenly found 3.5 inch TFT panel of this car is not a traditional pointer, the instrument display can display the degree of clarity, including tire pressure, tire temperature, fuel consumption, radar and vehicle fault information, look grades strong sense. The car dashboard backlight color with white, this is great progress, the roof of the reading lamp is changed to a surface light source, behind these details change is to probe deeply into the aesthetic of the consumer, and is the direct result of the quality enhancement. The most sensitive to these details should be the owner of the GX7. Details of the deal is a new generation of Geely product line is very concerned about the point, Geely will be located in the car at home to enjoy the SUV is not shouting slogans, in the details of this thing must be a lot of effort. A SUV for the home market, the more effort in the interior, consumers enjoy more. But the car is still the challenge of steep slope, but this is the car’s own work, so the feeling of driving is the core of the product. Geely for the prospect of SUV equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated.相关的主题文章:

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