Hit! Milan was reversed +2 + Red rout after collective silence Juesha agogoktv

Heavy losses! Milan was reversed +2 defeat after the red + lore collective silence Mancini refused media interviews and attended the press conference of sina sports news in a serie a focus on war in the early hours of today, Milan suffered a reversal in the lore of international and advanced a ball, the game also received two Zhang Hong brand. After the match, both coach Mancini and all the players refused the media interview and did not attend the press conference after the game. In the first half of the match, inter was the first to score. Blo R Vecchi broke the deadlock when the team was very passive, but Florence equalized the score and finished the final stage at the end of the injury. The game Chinese meters and multi hole teles Biya also sent off, teles from the slow motion replay of the Yellow collar there is some controversy, but the hole was entirely self inflicted in Ethiopia, towards the end of the game he applauded the referee’s penalty of satire, direct red card, in meters simply suffered a defeat. In just 7 turns, inter dropped from the top of the League to fifth, losing 4 points against Florence, only 2 points more than AC Milan. According to the current trend, Mancini’s team is likely to continue to decline, was AC Milan exceeded, and even the European Union seat is not insured. You can imagine, after such a defeat, the atmosphere in the team will be very heavy. After the interview with the media according to the Convention, and attended the press conference, Mancini refused to speak to all the players today, anything straight back to the locker room. It’s not clear whether we’re going to refuse to speak out of low spirits or whether the club intends to arrange it. If the club high-level arrangement, then do not rule out Mancini facing the possibility of class crisis. (simple, shallow)

重创!国米遭逆转+绝杀+2红溃败 赛后集体沉默 曼奇尼拒绝媒体采访和出席发布会   新浪体育讯  在今天凌晨的一场意甲焦点战中,国际米兰在先进一球的情况下遭遇逆转和绝杀,还在比赛中领到两张红牌。赛后,无论是主教练曼奇尼还是各位队员都拒绝了媒体的采访并没有出席赛后的新闻发布会。   上半场比赛国米是率先进球的一方,布罗佐维奇在球队十分被动的情况下打破了僵局,但佛罗伦萨扳平了比分,并在伤停补时的最后阶段完成反超。比赛中国米的特莱斯和孔多比亚还被红牌罚下,从慢镜头回放来看特莱斯的黄牌领的还有些争议,但是孔多比亚完全是自找,在比赛行将结束的时候他鼓掌讽刺裁判的判罚,直接被出示红牌,国米简直遭遇了一场溃败。   仅仅7轮的时间,国米从联赛榜首掉落到了第5,在输掉与佛罗伦萨的直接较量后,已经落后对手4分,仅仅比AC米兰多出2分。按照目前的趋势来看,曼奇尼的球队很有可能继续下滑,被AC米兰超过,甚至连欧联的席位都不保险了。   可以想见在经历了这样一场失利后,队内气氛将会十分沉重。赛后本应按照惯例接受媒体采访,并出席发布会的曼奇尼今天拒绝了所有发言,球员们也都一声不吭径直走回了更衣室。这是大家出于低落的心情而拒绝发言,还是俱乐部有意安排还不得而知。若是俱乐部高层安排的话,那么不排除曼奇尼面临下课危机的可能。   (简浅)相关的主题文章:

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