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"Health" after Hilary first appeared: pneumonia but did not want to stay in the home / Kang Road from New York for health reasons to cancel the three day trip in September 15, 2016, after the election, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary (Hillary Clinton) to appear in the United States, North Carolina, in this week’s first campaign. In the campaign speech, Hilary first talked about the hot outside of the health problem, I have been coughing, and later found to be pneumonia. Although I would like to support the past, but it must be admitted that, if a break, for me better." Hilary told the crowd, "but I don’t want to stay at home for two months before election day." "Hilary or because of health problems," the news this week has been a major social network. In order to dispel the doubts of the outside world, Hilary’s doctor ·, (Lisa) in September 14th, in an open letter, announced the health of the state of Hilary, Bardack. In the letter, Dr. Barack said, "my overall impression is that Hilary’s health, in addition to sinus and ear infections and recently found pneumonia, Hilary this year and no new condition. After taking antibiotics and resting, she is recovering well. She is fit for the presidency of the United states." September 11, 2016, Hilary in New York to participate in the 911 terrorist attacks anniversary, because of physical discomfort, leave early. When she was ready to get on the bus, was shot to lose focus, can only rely on others to be able to stand up the screen. The video in the U.S. social media crazy forwarding. In the evening, Hilary’s campaign team issued a statement saying that last Friday, Mr. Hilary found suffering from pneumonia". But there are social media speculation that Hilary was seriously ill. The British "express" quoted a doctor named Hilary Lisa · Bardac’s documents show that Hilary suffered from vascular dementia (Vascular dementia), also known as multi infarctdementia (multi-infarct dementia), only a year of life. Although this rumor has not been quoted by the mainstream media in the United States, but still get a certain amount of communication in social media. Hilary campaign team, said in an interview with foreign media, said the material is not true. In second days in advance to leave Hilary, Hilary’s husband, who served as president of the United States Bill · Clinton (Bill Clinton) in an interview with American mainstream media CBS TV said publicly, after the break, Hilary has a lot of good, "she’s just serious dehydration". Asked if he was worried that Sunday’s "dizziness" would be a sign of a more serious condition, Bill ·, who responded by saying that he did not think so, said: ". "If so, it would be a mystery to me and her doctor." Bill ·, Mr Clinton, said, "it is rare that in the past few years, similar cases of severe dehydration are rare..相关的主题文章:

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