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Home-and-Family The wedding guest book is a time-honored tradition that nearly every wedding follows. Everyone has seen it, that stereotypical white book sitting lonely on a table. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people just don’t know what to say. And what do you do with the book afterwards? Now there are many guest book alternatives, however, that can be displayed in your home after the wedding to enjoy for many years down the road. Learn about all the latest wedding accessories that present useful alternatives to the traditional guest book and put the "keep" in wedding keepsake. Memory Boxes The wedding memory box presents an easily personalized alternative to the traditional guest book. Stationery personalized with your names or monogram can be left out for guests to write their own personal message on, which when .pleted will be placed inside the keepsake box. The finished memento is a beautiful box containing the well wishes and advice from all those that attended the wedding that can be displayed in your home with other wedding mementos. Both stylish and sturdy, the memory box will stand the test of time and hold the precious memories of your wedding to be enjoyed for years to .e. If you don’t want to pressure guests to write something as soon as they arrive at the wedding, you can also put cards at each table that double as place cards. On one side is each guest’s name, and the other side is blank for them to write their note. Place pens on each table, and guests will have the ability to write a well-thought, meaningful message to the happy couple. Other Decorative Containers / Wish Holders If a memory box doesn’t suit your style, you can always choose another type of container to hold guests’ well wishes (just make sure the guest cards will all fit inside). Use a pear-shaped jar that represents you and your new spouse as "the Perfect Pair" or display an old-fashioned birdcage for an elegant, timeless feel. Other ideas include a large colored vase or flower pot for your spring or flower-themed wedding, a treasure chest for your beach wedding, or a cowboy boot for your country-themed wedding. Framed Wedding Photo Mat A signature photo mat is a great alternative to a traditional paper guest book, and something you can proudly display as a keepsake from your wedding day or special occasion. There are no special treatments needed for the mat – just have your guests sign it and it is ready to display. Inside the mat you can put one of your engagement photos while it’s out at the wedding, and then put a wedding photo inside later on. Metal Signature Keepsakes As some cardboard signature mats fade over time, wedding .panies are now also offering metal guest book mats as a more permanent and decorative option. Your guests etch their names onto the sturdy, metal surface with easy-to-use engraving scribes (generally included with each kit) and now your photo will be surrounded with personal handwritten messages that can be enjoyed for years to .e. For the best results, choose a metal guest book mat with a titanium finish to avoid rusting or tarnishing. With all these great ideas, you don’t have to be bound by tradition. Choose a creative guest book alternative for your wedding, and you’ll guarantee a lifetime of memories that you’ll actually keep and read on a regular basis About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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