Grandma and grandpa had lost contact with his grandfather in Beijing before trying to contact his so homefront

Grandma and grandpa work after the children lost contact before attempts to contact the son of fishermen first found the body of this thought is the distance from the rubber dolls residence found floating pond is only 500 meters to the reporter in Beijing, the scene is a fisherman in the pond first discovered floating children. The fishermen said, the weather is worse today, did not hit a number of fish, begin to see a doll like something in the pond, the hook over carefully see nose eye brows, that is a child, also pocket diapers, "pathetic"! The pond is only 500 meters away from where the children live. The child’s parents and children living with parents of children Grandpa grandmother wedding photo children toy handcart and villagers with a reporter came to the child’s place of residence, said parents and grandmother Grandpa children usually live here. In August 27th this year, after the child’s mother maternity leave, because of the inconvenience of the child’s grandmother, the child’s grandmother from Henan, Luoyang came together to take care of children. Children grandmother often holding children stroll in the door, often pushing a cart. Because the language barrier, the child’s grandmother said little, but the family did not have a contradiction. The child’s grandmother and other relatives at the same time the reporter saw the child’s grandmother. My poor mental state, the child’s aunt and other relatives around. Grandma said that this morning to go home before 10:25, when the home is not at home with her grandmother. This is ready to give the baby food supplement, but searched to no avail, then to the child’s mother call. Grandma had lost contact with his grandfather in Beijing before trying to contact his son reporter also learned that the children had to work with his grandparents in Beijing with grandpa. After the child’s mother maternity leave, only to Nanjing to take care of grandchildren. The two old man had two children, one son (a child), and one daughter. But lost contact with the child is the only grandson of the elderly, grandmother usually love the grandson plus. This morning, my grandmother as usual with a child to go out for a walk, before losing contact with the child’s father had also made three calls. But because the child is father forces meeting etc. missed, callback is not connected. At present, all the people in the field are anxiously waiting, this day is very long for the family. The police are pumping the pond to see if they can find more clues. If you can find the child’s grandmother, everything will come to light.相关的主题文章:

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