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Gas station really can not play it? Field experiments show you whether you have the urge to try to call at the gas station is really dangerous? Went to the gas station to see, will prominently marked "ban mobile phone" gas station slogan, and staff will be repeatedly reminded, but we can still see someone at the gas station to call, but there is no danger. Back to the beginning, now CCTV gives authoritative testing and simulation experiments using metal bowl foil gas oil and gas gun music environment. A user will be filled with gasoline bowl close to the mobile phone, repeatedly call, even with a plurality of mobile phone and call failed to ignite gasoline. When the bowl was filled with more gasoline and partially covered, "danger" occurred. What is this? In fact, when the phone calls will produce electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic wave meets the metal to produce the charged ion in a certain oil and gas conditions will cause sparks. This kind of spark is like the static electricity of clothes, causing a lot of factors, under certain conditions will appear. The specific conditions that although it is difficult to trigger, but does not mean that there is no less, once the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The best example, before the one from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur harbor area woman once in the gun before playing mobile phone, have issued the explosion, resulting in the body burns 60%. So it is still the case, the gas station may not call the fire caused by one hundred percent, but we do not have luck, take yourself as a test product. It should also be noted that: when filling the gas station must be extinguished. On the safe side, when the car passengers can get off the bus waiting. If the vehicle is stalled, the engine will still be accompanied by high speed current flow, if the circuit short circuit or leakage, did not turn off the vehicle will generate a lot of heat, to further increase the speed of volatile oil. When the vapor concentration increases to a certain extent, the production of car engine will likely spark ignition!相关的主题文章:

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