Four technical features show that the current round of gold rose target $1580 (Figure) ca1871

Four technical characteristics show that the gold round up the target of $1580 (Figure) international gold price chart, if wearing · Gu than gold price reached $1360 a long-term measure pressure, and consolidation and fall. Down offers a buying opportunity, the uptrend will continue, back to $1360 and run to higher. There are four technical characteristics show that there will be a bullish market rebound. The first feature is the strength of the underlying upward trend. The ratio of composite moving average (GMMA) shows this. GMMA long term group averages continued full divergence. When prices fell in June 2016, the GMMA group did not show any signs of convergence. This shows that investors are very strong support. The current price decline has not caused any signs of divergence in the GMMA long term group averages. This shows that investors are strong support for the trend. When the price of a weaker when investors become buyers. The second feature is the recent emergence of the secondary support pressure position near $1290, which is not a strong pressure feature. It is important because it is also close to the upper edge of the GMMA long term group of averages. This provides two support for gold prices fall. This support provides a good foundation for the rebound and the upward trend. The third feature is the behavior of the GMMA short term group averages. They’re getting a little bit more, but it’s a slow fall. Convergence is not dramatic and rapid, so this is simply a sign of a simple trading activity rather than a signal that the underlying trend is changing. The convergence behavior is similar to that of April 2016 and the temporary fall in the year of June. The price of gold on the weekly chart of the fourth feature is the breakthrough of the trend line fan shape. 4 downward trend line has a common starting point, starting from the October 2012 high. This form is a precursor to a substantial and sustainable change in the trend, so investors believe the upward trend will continue. The price of gold above the first target of $1360 is located near the historical pressure, this goal has been reached, followed by consolidation behavior. This consolidation is part of a long-term upward trend, so traders should pay close attention to whether the price rebound and again to test the $1360 position. Aggressive traders buy in the price of $1360, hoping to bounce back. Cautious traders wait for the price to run to $1360 or more before entering the market. Above target is located near $1580. The structure of the gold market has undergone significant changes, making it more risky and volatile to run for more than $1360 and run to $1580. Only 7 sovereign states have the actual gold more than the actual gold of the American gold ETF (exchange traded index fund). This structural change in the market means that the demand for gold is now closely related to the broker’s margin requirements. Stocks lost how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment information. WeChat public concern (Wall Street)相关的主题文章:

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