Foot and mouth disease serious life threatening parents should be aware of

Foot and mouth disease serious life threatening parents should be aware of HFMD although no serious harm, it mainly affects the skin, heart, hands, feet and other parts of the oral mucosa, perianal rash or herpes. So what are the specific aspects? Hand foot mouth disease spread quickly, difficult to control because of HFMD outbreak in two years of age, children, infants and young children in this age group, relatively concentrated. Coupled with a strong intestinal infectious virus, the spread of complex ways, the spread of fast, difficult to control, so it is easy to appear in a short time the outbreak of the epidemic. Life threatening, small children in recent years there have been a small number of children, mainly under the age of two infants. There will also be a high fever, white blood cells increased by unknown reasons and other infections can not be found, we must be alert to concurrent myocarditis, encephalitis, pulmonary edema, infant immunity is not strong, often endanger life. Especially in the patients with EV71 infection, can appear meningitis, encephalomyelitis, neurogenic pulmonary edema, circulatory disorder, a serious disease, can cause death or sequelae. The main complications of ulcers, due to the baby’s hands, feet, mouth, anus and other parts of the skin and mucous membrane is thin and tender, so it is easy to cause ulcers, long-term ulcer healing difficult. Infection, as a result of gastrointestinal viruses cause systemic infection, such as infection of the heart, causing myocarditis: infection of the brain or meninges, leading to encephalitis or meningitis: infection of the lungs, causing pneumonia, pulmonary edema. Severe cases can lead to death, a small number of infants, due to their own immunity, coupled with infection caused by myocarditis, meningitis, pulmonary edema. If the treatment is not timely, it will endanger life. Hand foot and mouth disease prevention of hand foot mouth disease is a common infectious disease caused by a variety of enteric viruses, mainly in infants and young children. Intestinal virus mainly by fecal oral or respiratory droplets, or contact with skin and mucosa herpes infection. The patient’s stool, herpes fluid and respiratory secretions and contaminated hands, towels, toys, milk, etc. can cause the spread of the disease. The family in the prevention of foot and mouth disease need to pay attention to the following principles: one is to wash your hands, the education of children to develop the good habit of washing their hands; the two is to strengthen the indoor air circulation; three is the regular cleaning of children toys, clothing drying ground; four is not to let children to crowded public places, in contact with the patient after the fight a sneeze or cough, after using the toilet, after returning home from the outside shall wash their hands. Special attention should be paid to the parents to be careful of hand foot and mouth disease infection, please pay attention to wash your hands before the door, change clothes and then close to the child. When you see a lovely child, be careful not to kiss their little mouths. In addition, parents should pay attention to personal hygiene, so as not to infect the virus without knowing.相关的主题文章:

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